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  1. Moshi

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    Here's some awesome metal from Australia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9ErdJkLfTM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cR-UW3iPB7I Now, I don't normally condone to the listening to deathcore/metalcore (whatever -core genre this is), but this certainly is a game-changer!
  2. Moshi

    Movies/TV Subs Or Dubs?

    I generally prefer subs for anime and other such shows because they keep the original audio which has the intended feeling and emotion for that scene. Otherwise, it seems like they are just trying to dub over what the person is saying and make it look realistic rather than make sense. Then, you get things like this:
  3. I like this forum a lot, and wouldn't feel happy at all if it were to disappear. It's this place alone that pretty much keeps me interested in MLP, because I know that there are a bunch of ponies who I can relate to and have the same hobbies Plus, this community is friendly and accepting of everypony
  4. Oh awesome, that makes a lot of sense, thanks!
  5. What even is this about? As the OC it is your duty to make a comprihensible topic that clearly states its intentions and purpose...
  6. Whoever said this, I challenge you to a duel! (slaps anonymous Omegle dweller with a wet glove) Rarity is a very nice pony and certainly has no reason to be hated by ANYPONY She is generous and has a great sense of fashion! What more can you ask for in a pony? In my humble opinion, she is second best pony! (After Fluttershy) By the way, second best pony includes all the mane 6 because THEY'RE ALL SO AWESOME /)^3^(\
  7. I don't hate him as such. He obviously was not brought up in a correct fashion so as to respect other people - a quality that would be expected if ever he would become sovereign of Equesria (assuming that his name implies royalty). So, he is not essentially a bad person, he just has never been taught to act any different than the egotistical self-centred ponce that he is portrayed like in the show.
  8. I would ask for an NZT-48 pill thingo from the movie Limitless and have superhuman intellect and strength and shit to overpower the guards and gain my freedom. Of course, I would soon die from withdrawal anyway. EDIT: In hindsight, a massive thickshake from Wendy's would also be appealing.
  9. Well, the reason that Scootaloo can't fly is because she is a chicken, and everybody knows that chickens can't fly. It is known. Scootachicken is canon.
  10. I've got a black-and-white poster of Bob Marley on my bedroom wall and when my night vision kicks in it looks kind of creepy, almost like a ghost or something... It doesn't bother me really but it's the closest thing that I could think of in terms of what you're describing. Note that I put my response in the present tense because I still have that same poster o_O And I still sleep in that SAME ROOM CONSPIRACY!?!?!?
  11. Moshi

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    Black Metal is best pony. This here's a brutal track that shows the true metalness of Norwegian Black Metal Read some of the history about the genre, it's pretty damn metal... [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BHYAjCX6n8[/media]
  12. Moshi

    General Chad Thread

  13. But if she were your sister, I doubt she would act like we know her to in the series. You would have been there already to guide her and point out any major flaws in her personality (namely, her egotistical notions) and thus she wouldn't be the mean pony we view her as That having been said, I would love Trixie as my sister
  14. Moshi

    Gaming Best Gaming CONSOLE

    Heh... I grew up with a PC, so naturally I am a PC fan - although I remember I did have good times with the PlayStation 2 when it was around. I prefer the mouse and keyboard layout of the PC, however, in contrast to a clunky controller like Xbox which makes it difficult to maneuver the game. Also, a lot of console games (a little less so with PC) are charging for DLC, which sounds to me a little too much like highway robbery... If I purchase a game, I kind of want all the content to be there already - unless development is still being made in which case I believe they should release the u
  15. I have little experience with tabletop (or similar) games, for they have never really tickled my fancy - but something like this that's targeted to bronies would be fantastic, given a little improvement and testing within the community.
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