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  1. Sure, why the hell not. Kills time.
  2. I am very iffy with forums so I am on and off alot due to life. Please forgive the long wait for a reply. If working together was the most functional path to humanities success it is most likely that we would all of been working together ages ago, it follows the idea that ultimately what humans are only really after is output and production capacity-be it for science or material wealth- where basically our entire struggle philosophically, religiously and politically is that we crave more than simply doing well. Everyone wants to do well but we all want to well on our terms. There is no
  3. You mean transhumanism? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transhumanism The futurist philosophy around the idea that humans will continue to change as their technology does to the point that humans will have actually transformed until they are considered post human-hence transhumanism=transform human- this idea is already in action technically, we have cyborg arms for one thing and you could say that since a part of us that is meant to be a part of standard biology is now in fact robotic we are making cyborgs which is a form of transhumanism. There is no reason to believe
  4. hope your doing alright

    1. MiStErUnMeRry


      Doing fine, partner. You?

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuLV25XK_DA The song that played when I meet my GF; Ashely.
  6. How was your new years and all?

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    2. Inactive00


      Brb in a tad mist.

    3. Inactive00


      Well I have seen some roleplays with certain topics that I would lead me to believe you would have to know something about whatever it might be. Right though? Like not anyone could enter any rp out there is what I assume.

    4. MiStErUnMeRry


      Those are mostly fandoms and evens then most of role plays provide all the information that you are really only going to need in the summary pages....well...good ones. Unless you are entering an RP on the ideals of metaphysics, determinism and quantum mechanical theories and how this will affect the Singularity in regards to current ethics you should be fine.

  7. "Celestia how many more pony races are there out there?"-"Silly Twilight. There only 2 in reality: The master race and the drones"*alicorn dance part*

  8. Communism applied to galactic property ownership: uranus is myanus.

  9. That moment when you look down and confuse your own neckbeard as a big ass spider.

  10. MiStErUnMeRry

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    I should of never married goggle.
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