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  1. MiStErUnMeRry

    Would you date the user above you?

    Sure, why the hell not. Kills time.
  2. MiStErUnMeRry

    How far will technology go?

    I am very iffy with forums so I am on and off alot due to life. Please forgive the long wait for a reply. If working together was the most functional path to humanities success it is most likely that we would all of been working together ages ago, it follows the idea that ultimately what humans are only really after is output and production capacity-be it for science or material wealth- where basically our entire struggle philosophically, religiously and politically is that we crave more than simply doing well. Everyone wants to do well but we all want to well on our terms. There is no paradise, there is no unity, there is no collective. No. Organic life has done well due to a struggle system and intellectual life will prosper due to a brutal intellectual arena based on the same scrutiny. The lazy cynics and the unstructured dreamer must be dragged out from all their beliefs, philosophies, political subsets and ideas, nothing does this better than opposition. We are all the poison in the well, we are all the homeostasis(water self cleaning process) Yeah, it sucks...but you know. Life is full of hard truths. You can either headbutt the rock or work with it and create something useful or artistic like a statue. Although you could say that technically science serves the common interest and thanks to stuff like the internet that allows information to be transferred across nations in seconds that we are inadvertently aiding one another in our technological growth. 2: Hard to say, I mean at the point when a species has reached a 4 or 5 on the scale as far as we are concerned they are god like in comparison to our current perception of the universe. If a creature is of such vast intellect and power it may be they are totally incomprehensible to the human world view due to the reason that 1: They are alien and there go already present a barrier of general understanding 2: they are highly evolved aliens whom could even be post versions of their own race, even further increasing their gap between our species 3: they understand and witness so much of the universe that we can't measure or perceive what their reasoning may be. If they are able to move from our world into other forms of realities, even perhaps into other phases of existences we are unaware of at this time that they no longer adhere to anything that can count as logical or reasonable as those ideas would not do them any good in another reality where such logic and reason are non-applicable. 4: We don't know their culture, philosophy or religious values if they have any or their physiological states. For all we know they could be Borg Bugs with no sense of self, super ego or real ethical or philosophical disputes and growth but seem so alien we can't identify their lack of these things. So....why? Who knows. It's possible that if existences are linked humanity may have a bigger unaware effect and it attracts their attention, maybe they are bored, maybe they are hungry, maybe they like to establish dominance, maybe they want the world or to preemptively get on a growing races good side. Maybe they are friendly and just want to see all intelligent life be able to cross the stars. or....you know...they could be so advanced that we are already under their control without even realizing it. None the less, pretty fun to imagine one way or another.
  3. MiStErUnMeRry

    How far will technology go?

    You mean transhumanism? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transhumanism The futurist philosophy around the idea that humans will continue to change as their technology does to the point that humans will have actually transformed until they are considered post human-hence transhumanism=transform human- this idea is already in action technically, we have cyborg arms for one thing and you could say that since a part of us that is meant to be a part of standard biology is now in fact robotic we are making cyborgs which is a form of transhumanism. There is no reason to believe this won't continue unless a counter regulation to how much we can change is presented to society by either ethical principle or rule.Hell, If you don't mind setting the bar really low we sort of started transforming humans when we begun using steroids or having replacement hips and so on. Let's not also forget that the internet itself has forever changed how humans interact and communicate with each other. There is also a term in Tranhumanism for what you just said: Post Human God which revolves around the idea that our capacity will become so great that compared to our understanding of the universe at it is will seem to be the point of godhood itself. I just worry if there are already life forms that have achieved this "post human god" stage out there and the only reason we haven't got their attention is because we are either too small to be of interest or too primitive to really notice. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kardashev_scale Effectively if my fear someday comes true we are pretty much looking at a Cthulhu-esque scenario. Roll sanity. HAIL CTHULHU! Hail the Murder Cube!
  4. MiStErUnMeRry

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    I should of never married goggle.
  5. MiStErUnMeRry

    Would you date the user above you?

    Totally, are you ready for a game of yu-gi-oh with a bowl of skittles and then a movie of star wars Christmas special?
  6. MiStErUnMeRry

    Would you date the user above you?

    T'is the winter of my heart, a moment of pure agony as the isolation of my value within the real world comes a crashing down, they promised me that the army scars wouldn't make me broken but how can a man who is not broken be carelessly discarded over something so trivial. I look to the mirror tonight, there are no cracks yet at the same time my self image is fragmented. At least I have whisky.
  7. MiStErUnMeRry

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    A chorus of colors, a collage of cathartic carvings into a digital canvas that resemble only the most divinest of things to visit our earth, this is the kind of art work that the minds of the most masterful painters in all human history have conjured within there flights of fantasy but failed to capture into the world of the living due to the single of flaw of having but only humans hands to work with and the spiritless tools of robotics and mechanics. A picture so potent in its power that upon showing it to anyone eyes they witness only true disappointment upon observing anything else that this world or even possible; GALAXY has to offer. 10/10 will fap to again.
  8. MiStErUnMeRry

    Would you date the user above you?

    The question of course is are you fine with mountain dew and Cheetos as our date dinner?
  9. MiStErUnMeRry

    Looks VS Brains (Poll)

    Both. I choose both because they both are important at different times. Looks are what attract you for a short term relationship-sometimes in the right conditions long term if it purely looks and personality as well, considering personality can actually be overtly expressed via looks if you aren't scared of being bullied by fashion fags and collective poopskulls-Looks fade though but I don't care since I don't plan to stick around that long and to be frank she probably dosen't either so we both win. brains is what keeps you, as long a we are talking about brains in a personality sense. If we are talking about like...intelligence and skills then...frankly. I don't give a flying rat, its not like my partners college degree in communication skill and psychology- I know...SO MANY girls in psychology...so god damn many-is going to honestly hold the relationship together, hell it might even screw the relationship, there nothing like someone who think their value has been up to a dude because they have some degree hanging from the wall, if that was the case I would be looking up pictures of sara palin for a quickie and fantasying about marrying some high end like her. Brains can even flush relationships to hell if they are applied incorrectly, its not like lawyer girls are swimming in dates from guys(may be rumors but I hear female lawyers specifically have it bad) or business majors are the queens of the dating scenes and frankly dating a psychologist sounds dubious at best the last thing you need in an argument is some psycho mumble jumbo tricks on you. Dudes got jobs, what exactly is new about your partner having a job, hell is damn near expected these days for everyone to be working soul destroying full time grind. Sure, you may get lucky, maybe she has a job in something you admire or both have a very specific major love for that field that brings you together but those aren't likely. Even then, two people with brains are not always going to click even if everything else is great. You're a collectivist who enjoys the works of Karl Marx-To hell with you, you damn commie. You believe in the pro-choice-OMG how dare you....and so on. The personal isn't political but that doesn't mean that the political can tear apart personal relations, especially if the politics either side follow actually practice micro politics and "personal is political" approach within its very core. So. After much internal debate about which. I choose alcohol, because it makes me feel smart and whoever there look pretty. Everyone wins.
  10. MiStErUnMeRry

    Mega Thread You Just Got Kissed By the User Above You, Your Reaction?

    We meet again. *wipes away the mountain dew from his beard and kisses you*
  11. MiStErUnMeRry

    Mega Thread You Just Got Kissed By the User Above You, Your Reaction?

    I hope you like beard tickles because I'm gonna kiss ya right in your eyes.
  12. MiStErUnMeRry

    Mega Thread You Just Got Kissed By the User Above You, Your Reaction?

    Be careful I haven't washed my beard for a week and I ate curry last night.