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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. I meant that it's not weird that they have glue - I was pointing out that non-animal glue has been used for millenia by human societies, let alone pony ones. Sorry if that wasn't clear! ^^;
  3. They probably have a sort of faux-leather or leather-like substance.* Now, how they came up with the idea is another story... *(Unless you consider the Rainbow Factory universe to be canon, in which case you could say it's a... byproduct.) [Edit: It's not that weird! People have been using glues derived from tar, plant gum, pitch, bitumen, milk and starch since ancient times. Milk-based glues in particular ramped up in the Middle Ages, and were used in woodworking, furnature manufacturing, and in the construction of early wood-based airplanes. ] Are the fish sentient? If so, they probably did that to avert awkward questions about The Measure Of A Fish and stuff. At the very least it seems to be common enough to have this TV Tropes page about it.
  4. Like others, I've not seen much anime, although the ones I have seen tend to be... quirky in one way or the other. For instance, Kyouran Kazoku Nikki is an anime where the five who are the most likely to be children of a world-destroying god are identified and placed together in a family with a government agent with the intent of convincing whoever is the 'true' child that it's much better to love and cherish than destroy. Yeah. It's fairly rapid-fire wacky/crazy show, if you're into that (I liked it well enough). I don't know how popular it was, but I found To Aru Kagaku no Railgun to be a fairly enjoyable action series (although Kuroko's antics can wear a little thin sometimes.) It's a series where super-powered people called "espers" are trained in the scientific theory behind their powers in order to enhance their abilities, following one in particular who seems to find herself in trouble quite a bit.
  5. Wot, no racing? Yeah, I know, racing games tend to have cheesy stories, if they have them at all. But I'm a big fan of cheese, and besides, the first racing game to really hit a story out of the park will get all the moneys*. * Probably not really In all seriousness, I think you're approaching this in the wrong direction. The best story-based games don't come from a specific genre. Instead, they are the ones where the story lends itself to gameplay - you've got to nail down the gameplay first before you start thinking story details. Questions like - how are you going to interact with the world? What 'attributes' will the characters have? How will they be replenished or buffed? How will enemies or 'risks' interact with you? These help inform your decisions on how to approach the story - you can then ask yourself, what explains these gameplay elements in-universe? I'll point to Bioshock and Portal as two games that exemplify this kind of thinking. Both games begin with the gameplay - plasmids v. "zombies" (splicers) and mechs (Big Daddies) for one, portals v. chasms (toxic pools) and turrets for the other - and work back from there to explain why you are in that position, and why the risks are there. They feel a lot more real because the gameplay has been fully integrated into the fabric of the world. I'm not saying don't have a general idea of a story in mind, but generally, attempting to work a detailed story into a game is hard. Bang out the gameplay early, and let that be the scaffolding for your story. (And really, that's true for any genre.)
  6. Another guy and me were chatting on Tumblr (via the Ask thingy on our askblogs) about how weird the 90s were, and I brought up Legends of the Hidden Temple. He replied that the Crystal Empire episode could basically be condensed into a run through the Temple. Here's what I came up with in response: Someone needs to draw Sombra and Celestia as drinking buddies. Now.
  7. Generally, in real life I find I have a lot less confidence than I do online, even when I'm among friends. In particular, my IRL friends would notice I'm both more jocular and verbose online than face-to-face. But apart from that, no. I am who I am, why should I try and hide that from anyone?
  8. ... you're lying. You just don't want to give them to me. I can see it in your mind. Yes, I read minds now. Mind reading is cool. ...hrm, unless this is my own mind that I'm reading? But why wouldn't I want to give myself candied apples and mint ice cream?
  9. I may certainly wish they change the theme song somewhat, if only to take out the repetition of the franchise name, but that's only because I have a strange irrational dislike for theme songs that are perfectly good otherwise but repeat the franchise name at every opportunity. (With the sole exception of TaleSpin and Transformers, but they make that work. ^^) I understand why they do it (brand name recognition and stuff) but that doesn't make it less annoying for me. Speaking aside from my personal preferences in theme music, I doubt it is going to change further - the current mix, as is, is very nice. (Of course, Mr. Ingram may find ways to surprise us. ^^) I do think they'd add some visual elements into the S3 OP, though, as they did with S2 - @PonyHag1's example of Shining Armour and Cadence, or perhaps Luna if she were to take a larger role in the series (as was originally planned).
  10. Woah, didn't think that would actually work! Perhaps I have latent mind control powers or sommthin'! Hmm... ah, got it! You shall all give me your mint ice cream and candied apples! MWAHAHAHA!
  11. Oh come on, give me a break, won't you? I haven't been around for a while, give me at least... ten minutes winning time, pretty please?
  12. 9/10! It's Rainbow Dash in a safari hat, and besides, it's a lovely image. ^^
  13. Fear me, for I have risen out of the depths of lurkerdom to win at this thread once more!
  14. MarkKB


    Hiya, welcome to the forums! That sounds a lot like me, actually, with the not posting much because of not having much to say. Still, I try and find ways to be usefully active.
  15. As a fellow kiwi dwelling on the back of this stingray of an island, allow me to extend my welcome! You're basically me three years ago. Well, except for the Pepsi. But nobody's perfect.