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  1. ScottishUnicorn

    Gaming Dota 2 discussion thread

    A doodle of Snips as Pudge I did a while ago. I had also doodled Snails as Ogre Magi, but it wasn't really all that good or complete.
  2. ScottishUnicorn

    Gaming Dance Dance Revolution / DDR Fan Thread

    Aww yeah a DDR thread, I'm not a huge fan of the series but it's loads of fun to play and good exercise. Sadly though I haven't been able to play the game because I've needed to get a new mat.
  3. ScottishUnicorn

    Gaming Dota 2 discussion thread

    I'm pretty sure they have you take the survey to see if you have a good enough computer to run the game, and it puts you higher on the list if you have Dota experience. You're pretty much put on a raffle when you turn in the survey to be put into the beta, much like when Blizzard does a beta.
  4. ScottishUnicorn

    First thing that comes to your mind

  5. ScottishUnicorn

    What kind of forum poster are you?

    I mostly just lurk and occasionally post, but when I post I usually just stick to the general chat side of the forums. As of now the conversations about the show are things that are just brought back up again and were already talked about before i.e. who is best pony.
  6. ScottishUnicorn

    Gaming Next gen. consoles taking a bit too long?

    I'll be honest here, I want the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 to go jump in a lake. It's holding back technology and developer's creativity now, and we need new hardware. All these games being ported to PC from console look terrible, Darksiders 2 could have been gorgeous looking, but we're stuck with terrible looking textures.
  7. ScottishUnicorn

    A Dash of sketching

    Like you said he face is a bit too round, which is correct. Also the insider of the eye is black so you gotta shade that in. I would recommend drawing by shapes, start with a circle and build the face around it. Overall it's ok though, you just need to keep practing and you'll get it.
  8. ScottishUnicorn

    Gaming Dota 2 discussion thread

    I made a Pony art thread like yesterday, yeah I should make a thread on non-pony art, I may have made one in the past though. Yeah it turns out pretty bad if someone like me decides to play pudge.
  9. ScottishUnicorn

    Gaming Dota 2 discussion thread

    I lol'd when the Pudge pulled you back when you were chasing Witch Doctor, pretty cool first blood dude. Also on the topic of the art, I've been practicing drawing people so it goes over into drawing Dota characters y'know. *edit: fwi I still suck at drawing dynamic poses so the Naix drawing isn't the best Lifestealer
  10. ScottishUnicorn

    Gaming Dota 2 discussion thread

    The portrait of Omniknight was maybe 30 minutes, but the more complete drawing of Omniknight took a bit longer. I had a different idea in mind for the full body drawing, but I need to work on drawing people more before I try something more dynamic.
  11. ScottishUnicorn

    Gaming Dota 2 discussion thread

    Some Dota 2 artwork that I've done not too long ago, Omniknight is pretty fun to draw. Face: Most of the body I have no idea how long the beta will last, and I'm not sure how often Valve sends out beta codes.
  12. Heyo, here are some pony related drawings that I've done recently. Queen chrysalis: Trixie finds the necronomicon Big Mac Noteworthy on the keyboard
  13. To get perfect lines in photoshop you gotta use the pen tool. I don't know how people can just get perfect lines with the brush either, I'm still not all that accustomed to drawing in it.
  14. ScottishUnicorn

    Breaking Bad, an intriguing tale of desperation.

    Well you don't really have to bunch these shows together, they're two different genres.
  15. Recently I've started watching the show Breaking Bad, I think it's getting close to it's last season now. Nonetheless I've just finished the first season and now I've started to watch the second season. I don't want to get into spoilers because that would just ruin it for people that haven't watched it yet. Anyways, if you haven't heard of the show, here is a synopsis: A high-school chemistry teacher , Walter White, discovers that he has lung cancer and out of desperation to provide for his family he starts cooking crystal meth. He gets involved in the criminal underworld along with his partner and shenanigans occur. When watching this show, it's one of those shows where "everything that could go wrong goes wrong" and usually by pure dumb luck the protagonist gets out of the scenario. It can get a bit tedious, but it's worth dealing with what feels to be almost artificial excitement. Besides this, the parts where Walter interacts with family members throws a lot of emotion around. It's an pretty good show overall and I'll continue to follow the misadventures of Walter White for now.