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  1. As I'm writing this, September 3rd, Europe was in turmoil exactly one hundred years ago. One hundred years and two weeks ago, France mobilized for war One hundred years and a week and a half ago, the first major battle of WWI happened. One hundred years and a week and a half ago, the French and British stalled the German advance into France. The German's Schlieffen Plan, designed to capture Paris and bring a quick end to the war, failed. One Hundred years ago today, millions of men dug trenches and dugouts to fortify their positions, the Germans had the high ground, the British and French had the soggy low ground. These positions would remain virtually unchanged until 1918. I ask that we keep in memory that as the weeks unfold before us, the slaughterhouse of that was trench warfare was being built up and implemented. May we remember that as the mobilized portion of WWI came to an end, millions of men would lose their lives due to outdated tactics and stalemate warfare that were being implementing 100 years go today. May we remember those who have died for the cause of their country, be they British, French, Serbian, Belgian, Russian, German, or any nationality.
  2. Cool Xenophobes Viciously Begin Grassing Sydney's Delightful Fauna jg iorj eiogj
  3. Does anyone have an emergency banana?

  4. America: Side effects may result in liberty and justice for all

  5. Back in my day, the topics on this site were intriguing!

  6. Can anyone reccomend a good mlp episode about kindness?

  7. I've realized that I have lost the ability to feel any sense of correction in what I feel to be right

    1. VanaRabbit


      What's a sense of Correction?

  8. I have school tomorrow T-T

  9. Не оставляйте, пожалуйста....

  10. I wish there was a quick and painless way to kill yourself...

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    2. longgone


      No one wants me, no one holds any worth in who I am. I've been told that my death wouldn't mean anything, but I still wish to ensure it. They degrade me for daring to show my feelings, calling me freak, overly-sensitive, too emotional...I've been hated and rejected by the select few who I feel any semlbance of confidence in showing who I really am: A sensitive person who wants to love and whowants to be loved; I am not wanted by anyone, and I should take my leave.

    3. hariyaMakusu2


      Who told you that your death wouldn't mean anything?


    4. Sigma


      Please talk to me through private chat. :'(

  11. Okay, in all honesty. What the HELL is up with all the sad posts?

  12. I am a complete shit...

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      No, you're not.

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      K.K. Slider


  13. How do you succeed in making all of your avatars incredibly adorable? XD

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      Sugar Pea

      I word...Google Images...wait that's two. lol