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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Do you have picture/video evidence? O: Henrik Sedin is like the best hockey player ever and he plays for the best team ever and is like amazing
  3. Hockey. Totally not saying that because I'm Canadian. I really don't know how to describe the superultraextremawesomazingness that is hockey. Also hockey is literally in my blood (I'm cousins with the Sutters, a famous NHL family - one of them coaches the Flames, one of them coaches the LA Kings, and one plays for the Hurricanes - last time I checked anyway) It's so fast and action packed and awesome and... it's just so AWESOME Not to mention people in the NHL are really hardcore about injuries - Baseball: Blister? 2-3 weeks Basketball: Finger jam? 2-4 weeks Football: Toe turf? 4-6 weeks Hockey: Slapshot to the face? "I'm cool, bro" Oh and if you're mad at someone, you can just beat them up and sit in the penalty box for five minutes
  4. MLP, obviously - I'm perfectly fine being a brony... just as long as no one finds out - the only people who know are my brothers and mom, and one or two friends (implying I have friends) I'm also extremely self-conscious so I hate expressing myself about everything and usually keep everything to myself anyways but I can't really think of anything besides that... I guess a lot of OCD-related stuff, like being a perfectionist, and downloading wallpapers - I have 600+ pony wallpapers, and I would probably have just as much Futurama/Doctor Who/etc wallpapers, but I can never find any of those... Don't judge me ;_; Oh, and an obsession with Isaiah Mustafa (The Man Your Man Could Smell Like).
  5. Let's see... 1) Death - really, who doesn't fear death? 2) Scorpions - God's way of saying "let's combine lobsters, spiders, wasps, and nightmares" 3) Spiders - Well they can be poisonus, and they look absolutely terrifying. It's like they're saying "Hey, remember that shoe you threw at me? BECAUSE I DO." When it threw the shoe back, I did the next sensible thing and grabbed a shotgun 4) Snakes - Same as above 5) Lightning - I don't know how to explain that, but yea 6) Heights - I don't know for sure if I have a fear of heights because I've never really experienced it, but I have a feeling I do 7) Embarrassment/any social interaction I guess - I'm like Fluttershy times a million in real life... I don't know if this is exactly a fear, but yea 9) I have very low self-esteem, so I guess the fear of being worthless or something 10) I've had extreme paranoia recently about... well, everything I guess... I'm paranoid that I have depression, but I want to think I don't have depression, but a friend of mine said they thought they didn't have depression and they ended up in a mental ward... which makes me think I'm worse than I actually am 8) G3 Ponies - Self-explanatory I have a really stupid fear, but I'm not quite sure what exactly it is... whenever I hear stuff going off at night (car alarms, phone alarms, anything that repeats?) I freak out for some reason... this one time, there was some PDA hidden somewhere in my room. The alarm for it went off and it started playing an 8 bit version of the Happy Birthday song (the part that goes "happy birthday dear [name], happy birthday to you" and it just kept playing and it wouldn't stop. I tried just covering my ears in my pillow, but that didn't work, so I ended up trying to find it and figure out how to shut it off and... ugh why/how is that even remotely terrifying
  6. Let's see... Well, I have like 10 MLP wallpapers for my iPod... this is what my iPod looks like right now: - I have the Rainbow Dash Google logo Plus I have about 650 pony wallpapers on my laptop (and growing...) HELP ME.
  7. I swear, I thought this topic would have something to do with Season 4 getting cancelled I was hoping it was either fake or something else... so I'm happy. But if it's that kind of seasons... Up here in Canada, we have four seasons: Sort of winter Almost winter Winter Super winter
  8. Instead of any of the options, I want to see David Tennant as Doctor Whooves in some crazy Doctor Who parody episode (like that will ever happen though)
  9. Definitely DXIndustriesInc. That guy is legendary, and totally isn't me. At all. You'd be a fool to even think that. But seriously... I dunno there's too many awesome people Saberspark PaleoSteno 2007excalibur2007 icswcshadow TheLivingTombstone dustykatt EverfreeNetwork CerealVelocity BronyVids Like 80 gazillion more than that I can't even think of some non-pony ones... uhh.... pbsideachannel GameGrumps Egoraptor JonTron TeamFourStar TomSka EddsWorld (RIP ) ERB All of them are awesomesauce