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  1. This place is making me depressed, a lot, I'm going to leave for a few days...

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    2.  spas-ticShotty


      Gotta agree with punkninja.

    3. Coco12570


      Aye? Depression? How could you in a place like this. If you allow stuff to bring you down, you'll never get up. If somethings bothering you, feel free to talk to a mod, user, or a real life friend/teacher/parent to help you. Its no use letting yourself get depressed if your trying to have fun now is it?


      ~Coco12570 from PMC

    4. Pinkie Diane Pie

      Pinkie Diane Pie

      Aww, don't be sad, Pinkie will make your frown turn upside down! :)

  2. Everything is my fault, ponies say I'm a attechion seeker, and I feel godawful about myself. Mabey I should take a break...

  3. I'm feeling worcse and worse every second... and I think it's all of my fault...

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    2. Viscra Maelstrom

      Viscra Maelstrom

      fluffykins, please, stop worrying yourself sick over arguably mostly insignificant things. feeling sorry for Pinkazoid's lost book won't do any good, especially considering that PZ doesn't consider it a big deal herself. all it does is hurt yourself. secondly, why were you banned from PMC for? if it's because of your attitude, the way you act, you might want to re-consider changing those things about yourself. also, you never told me how long you have felt depressive.

    3. Fluffykins the Cat

      Fluffykins the Cat

      I been Depressed for nearly 8 months by now, I don't even remember why I been Depressed, I think it said "Lots of Swearing and Rule breaking" when I only sweared once and they did not tell me what Rule I broke.

    4. Viscra Maelstrom

      Viscra Maelstrom

      well, i can't really help you with that. you might want to talk to your school counselor if you've been feeling depressed for a long time.

  4. We will make eveyrpony here a Cat!

  5. Celestia, do you love me? Do you love Inkie Pie and Blinkie Pie, and Snips, and Snails? Do you frown upon me?
  6. I remember parts of the Old Batman theme, or at least what I think is old.

    1. Flicker Sweet

      Flicker Sweet

      nanananananananana BATMAN!!!!!!!1

    2. Fluffykins the Cat

      Fluffykins the Cat

      Er, not that old. I think it ended with the words "The Batman".

  7. Remember PEMDAS. "Ponies eat Mike Dawson and Sam".

  8. Another week, another Avatar.

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    2. Fluffykins the Cat

      Fluffykins the Cat

      No, I'm going to be a farther in the future.

    3. VladmireV.S.(Crank)


      But how did I call you a flank hole?

    4. Fluffykins the Cat
  9. Somepony killed my brother on Halo. His user name is "My Little Pony".

  10. I feel like I'm the oddest of the Brnoies here.

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    2. Clarity


      Yeah, but those two don't seem that active. :c

    3. Xievie


      I'm actually part Applejack fanboy.

      I just really like Sweetie Belle more. But AJ recently became my favorite Mane 6.

    4. Clarity


      Sweetie is my favorite CMC! :D Good to know that at least somepony appreciates AJ.

  11. As soon as I get used to a Avatar, it changes to somthing else.

  12. 20 minuties intill I go...

  13. 2 users using the same Fluttershy Avatar...

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