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  1. so any words on the newest episode?
  2. wasn't david tennent supposed to be in an episode? or was that just a rumor?
  3. i barked and clapped like a seal during the gummy scene
  4. i'll admit not a huge fan of the doctors great wickering stalions catchphrase seems to come out of nowhere
  5. i was honestly expecting snips and snails to win just to screw with us overall it was an ok episode im not a huge fan of the cmc i feel like they've been put in the show to garner a younger demographic but thats neither here nor there glad to see skyroids again wish theyd give him a name and a line other than YEAH!!!!! also apparently horses are a thing
  6. Maybe it was because they were equals in luna eclipsed she said this is how we address our subjects
  7. Why was luna speaking modern equestrian in the flashback? For that matter why was celestia?
  8. i liked the episodes good amount of drama and action mixed with heartwarming
  9. its sweet and terrible like a mad man's lullaby discord is overall an interesting character to have on the show and being voiced by John De Lancie doesn't hurt
  10. i heard from somewhere i do not remember where that season four would have humans in it im not sure how i feel about this all i know is that it will destroy all the head cannons