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  1. I still do, but when I actually get a chance to watch it I've already missed half the season... It also doesn't help that I don't have the channel it airs on. I practically missed the whole of season 4 as it was airing so I had to watch the whole thing over a few days :/ I honestly think it's been getting better lately. The first few episodes of season 1 didn't exactly win me over, tbh. Definitely my least favourite season. Although I do admit I'm not as into the show as I used to.
  2. Eh, I don't think that would be a great idea. I don't really like it when new main characters are introduced late on in the series, it just feels tacked on. Plus there's already 6 main characters already, I think that's just plenty.
  3. Happy Birthday Dr. Frasier Crane, love the show btw.

  4. This really didn't scream 'LESBIANS' to me at all. Gems dance before they fuse, that's a part of the show. Not to mention they don't actually have a sex, because they're gems. I have to question the logic here of censoring this scene when there there's that other scene in one of the recent episodes there Ruby and Sapphire have a blatantly obvious romantic relationship with each other. Not that it even needs to be censored at all. I hardly doubt those scenes are going to cause children emotional distress over two girls dancing. GG, UK.
  5. Quite possibly the only game I've ever bought that actually lived up to the hype. And what's even better is that it's an indie game made by only one person. Also Burgerpants is best character, I see too much of him in me. I dunno if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
  6. I suppose if you're on you're own then electronic is the best way to go. And you get pretty good results, one of my favourite things about the fandom is the fanmusic. Like it or not it's at least 1000 times better then throwing notes together in something like Sibelius and ending up with a mess of midi sounds.
  7. Not sure what the official brony stereotype is so I'm just gonna go with people in this thread have mentioned: 1. I'm a girl 2. I'm not overweight 3. I'm straight 4. I don't clop 5. I'm not a virgin 6. I don't have any mental health issues (I hope) 7. I'm not really involved with the fandom much at all anymore. I still visit the forums from time to time but I have many other interests that take up most of my time
  8. What a shocking attack. It hurts to think about the people who went to watch a band, have a drink and a generally good time, who never got to go home. I sincerely hope that the death toll doesn't esculate any more that it already has. One thing's for sure ISIS needs to be stamped out ASAP before any more innocent people lose their lives for no reason.
  9. Rubber, especially balloons. People are usually confused when I use that as an excuse not to help blow up balloons. And then there's also the smell of cannabis. I don't have a problem with the actual smell, it's just when it's strong I hate it. Oh and when I'm ill any sort of food smell is nauseating.
  10. I actually didn't mind the Spike episodes. Not the best, but at least good. I can see what people are getting at when they say Spike is being pushed into being more of a comic relief character, and personally, I have no problem with that. Because it can be pretty darn funny.
  11. I really didn't like Pinkie Pie much until around the end of season 4. She just got a bit more... Tolerable for me? And she can actually get a laugh or two out of me where before it was hit and miss. I can't pinpoint an exact episode, so I've probably just got used to her over time.
  12. Club Penguin.... I got too old :'( R.i.p my penguin whose name I can't remember, you will be missed. Also used to play flash games before I found Steam. I used to use Miniclip a lot, I still kinda do when I remember it still exists. Same with Postopia.com, my entire childhood was contained within that site. Then they shut it down. So sad.
  13. I have a bad habit of pulling my hair out when I'm occupied with something, or I'm just nervous. It's pretty damaging to say the least, I have to make regular trips to the hairdresser's because I keep making bald spots and ruining my fringe. I also tend to just throw things on the floor in my room when I've just got in and I'm too tired to care.