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  1. Panne

    Mega Thread General Chat Thread

    boop boop don't mind me just coming here after what 2 years absence I just needed to see my flair for like a second edit: aw damn it it isn't the flair i used to have.
  2. Panne

    The Confederate Flag Conundrum

    I get that some people think of it as a symbol of their heritage, but they need to realize that many people have twisted it's meaning, much like Nazi's with the Swastika originally it was a symbol of peace, but thanks to Nazi's it is now a symbol of bigotry and oppression. Back to the flag though, I'm fine with it flying in war memorials and in places of historical significance, but the fact that the Klu Klux Klan uses it at many rallies is disturbing.
  3. When ever someone mentions how doomed Nintendo I just have to remember an article that came out for the NES and how the system is doomed to fail.
  4. Panne

    General Media The Official Pokémon Thread

    What pokemon would you ride into battle on? Me:
  5. Panne

    General Why did you choose your username?

    Because Panne is a rad as heck Fire emblem character.
  6. Panne

    Horse Wife

    It's so that he is a generic self insert character. Like if he was fleshed out and was his own character people wouldn't pay as much attention to horse wife instead...
  7. Panne

    General Media The Official Pokémon Thread

    Uuuuuh technically my first main 6 were a bunch of over leveled japanese legendaries I got from an exchange student in Black 2... The team and game I actually count though is from Y. Soliopede Meowstic Furfrou Gogoat Florges Greninja.
  8. Panne

    Mega Thread General Chat Thread

    Insurance, moving, getting married, remodeling, man adult life just is a ride that never stops...
  9. Panne

    Gaming Legend of Zelda discussion thread

    My brother would stab you for saying that. He is so far gone a TP fan it's funny. He claims to be a massive zelda nerd, but has only played about 4 games, hates the two originals, and doesn't accept the timeline as canon.
  10. Panne

    Technology The Glorious PC master race thread

    One thing I will never understand about PC gamers. They'll buy thousands of dollars worth of computer parts, but then they only play either retro style games or emulate old console games. I know that is a over generalization but seriously...
  11. Panne

    Gaming Legend of Zelda discussion thread

    That feel when mentioning how the "realistic" graphics of Twilight Princess failed to hold up compared to the cartoony style of Wind Waker causing massive butt hurt on a zelda forum.
  12. Panne

    Gaming Monster Hunter Club

    Reasons to get Xbox console: Play crappier versions of games you can play on PC Reasons to get Playstation Console: Play crappier versions of games you can play on PC Reasons to get Nintendo Console: Play all the games you can't play on PC. On a Monster Hunter note... I am right on the edge of solo high rank finally. I just can't survive more than 2 hits from this crab and bounce off every edge of him...
  13. Panne

    Where Foals Actually Come From

    Praise jeebus someone had the balls to say it.I swear this is just dumb, Faust said ponies have sex, the fact that the Cakes had babies at the hospital implies they had sex, the fact that gender exists in Equestria means there is sex. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it isn't there.
  14. Panne

    Mega Thread General Chat Thread

    That feel when for the past half hour you have been watching YTPMVs and cat videos... dang I love the internet.