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  1. 100th episode. I am contemplating skipping this episode....just pure unfiltered pandering.

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    2. Panne


      Fandoms are just drama generators as a whole... I have recently decided not to get engrossed in any fandom too much and just like what I want to like. The difference being here the entire episode is centralized aroun the fandom.

    3. DryGuy84 (Inactive)

      DryGuy84 (Inactive)

      Don't judge it prematurely. Many of us learned that lesson through liking the show itself.

    4. Shanks


      That is true, MLP is one of the last shows I ever thought I would get into. I like what I like too though, fandoms don't have to be circle jerks even if some especially some in the brony fandom may want that to be the case.

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