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  1. Happy birthdaay! :)

  2. Wait so is Apple Jack taken? Cause I'm up for it! That is if it isn't taken. -EDIT- Oh wait never mind. I mis-read the last few post my bad.
  3. Blank Flank

    Video New VA audition reel

    This is awesome! You sound just like him.
  4. I'm really tempted to just post the audio of the SHED.MOV fandub I did because editing this thing is giving me a major headache!

    1. Twilight Sparkle ✨

      Twilight Sparkle ✨

      If you're just trying to replace the video's audio track, do it with avidemux - Google it. Wonderful, free, and lightning-fast little tool.

  5. ... I kinda wanna dub the new .mov video... but I think that might be a tad too creepy...

  6. 13) Stare at a pasanger with a horrified look right before they get to there stop yell out "You're one of them!!!" And then go to the corner and talk to your thumb about how you thought they'll never fine you. 14) Bring in a fold-able desk and set up a fake office when someone comes in ask them if they have an appointment. 15) Curl up in the fettle position in the middle of the elevator and mutter this over and over "It just keeps going up and down. Up and down." That's all I got.
  7. Wait... you mean there are straight shippings!?!?!?!? I kid, I kid. Though really my favorite is OctaviaXVinyl Scratch
  8. Well I'm bring this thread back... anyway's here is an awesome Octavia and Vinyl Scratch mix!
  9. Blank Flank

    Video My Dubs!

    Yeah I think if my timing is that off next time I might just do a screen cap instead of trying, and failing, to match up the video. Plus here's a short fandub because I got bored. That and I love how Bonbon's voice never stays the same. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlM7kaC-tSk&feature=youtu.be
  10. I'll take whatever you give me. I can do all four if you want. Yeah I had the same problem. Same thing Shankveld said if you want it tweaked just tell me I'd be happy to.
  11. Blank Flank

    Video Second Rate [PMV]

    *Slow clap* Awesome. Purely awesome.
  12. Decided to do another Fandub. This time LUNA!!! Cause she's awesome! http://mlpforums.com/topic/4791-my-dubs/

  13. Blank Flank

    Video My Dubs!

    Thank you again! Here's another one. I wanted to do something other than a country accent, because I did pretty much everyone in the Apple Family (Except Big Mac), so I wanted to do something else. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zw6MMYtKvjc&feature=youtu.be
  14. This is awesome... that is all. I think your voice is awesome for the part.
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