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  1. Don't know if late for this post or if it was already posted BUUT... Stupid Betty Crocker and her trolling us. HOW COULD THEY!?!??! D: D: D: D: Sad part is I used to like the old generations...but now they just creep me out. EAT THEM FOR THEIR SOUL DEVOURING
  2. Even though this was a while ago, YEP! Post-rock is my favorite genre I googled pony post rock and found this lol
  3. Actually in her episode it was seen that she had Twilight Sparkle's cutie mark, though I don't know if that's her "official" cutie mark or not.
  4. As much as I like grimdark and the darker sides of the fandom, I think they probably won't. Instead they would probably crazify some of the other ponies that haven't gone "off the deep end" yet, like Rarity.
  5. I was originally sad about this until I found out about the virtual Equestria in the game Second Life and play that all the time for pony stuff it's pretty cool really and you can create your own pony except you need to buy manes and stuff and when you first join it's a bit difficult to understand in the start unless you have a friend to help you along like I did