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  1. so what's fallen members icon mean?

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    2. Scootaloodle
    3. Lightwing


      It is just a silly joke. Everyone is a Fallen Member at this moment, except staff, which wil probably get something in a while d:

    4. Scootaloodle
  3. Welcome to the forums Star Blosson, plenty of people here to make friends with
  4. I'm not so sure, but I hope I have a good reputation. I've certanily made friends who I hang with on and off the forums who I met here so I must be doing something right
  5. I thought it was a fantastic episode: I kinda always predicted Diamond Tiara and the CMCs would end up being friends someday. I kinda like how it seems there gonna start being friends now. But of course the biggest hype was seeing my favorite pony in the entire show get her cutie mark along with her friends! All in all I'm pleased and loved the episode