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  1. My theory would be short blades along a pony's leg. There would be a strap-like object attached to the leg as well keeping the blade in place. There would be a mechanism on it that works similar to a modern pocket knife. (By quickly moving the leg, the blade would spin outward, snapping into place. Then the pony would press down on a button to sheath the blade)
  2. -Legend of Zelda -Zelda II: The adventure of Link - A Link to the Past - Link's Awakening - Ocarina of Time - Majora's Mask -Oracle of Ages - I don't care for the toon link games at all. I've played them, just didn't tick with me. -Oracle of Seasons -Four Swords (GBA Version) -Wind Waker -Minish Cap -Twilight Princess -Phantom Hourglass -Spirit Tracks -Skyward Sword - This is killing me, I REALLY NEED TO PLAY IT. My Wii broke, and I'm saving up for the Wii U.
  3. It's cool to see my Signatures I made for people floating around

    1. Lightning Fluttershy

      Lightning Fluttershy

      It's a nice feeling isn't it? :D

    2. Skar


      Oh yeah, might add that I made them maybe a year ago. xD

  4. Yeah, can't seem to get into the Forums spirit. I might make a grand return once Season 3 hits.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Luriel Maelstrom

      Luriel Maelstrom

      Skar can't leave =/

      He's my new BF =3

    3. Jokuc


      Best Friend or Boyfriend? XD

    4. Luriel Maelstrom

      Luriel Maelstrom

      Well he IS a boy...right?

  5. I've actually ran into 2 random bronies in my area! 1 in Wal-mart and another at Dollar General. It was pretty awesome, we talked a bit and brohoofed. Both noticed my Pony shirt I was wearing.
  6. Hello everypony. Long time no post! Been stuck doing life stuff.

    1. Dimitri Hammer

      Dimitri Hammer

      Life is boring and mundane. Hello.... :D

    2. Jokuc


      Hi Skar! :D

      I just updated my status saying I removed alot of friends from my friendlist but I kept the people who are awesome

      Guess who's in it? :P

    3. Crispy


      Well, hey there!

  7. MineCraft server so dead :(

  8. World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. Monks man, MONKS! Starbound (The so called predecessor of Terraria) BioShock: Infinite - Really loved the first two. Little bummed there won't be Little Sisters and Big Daddies though.
  9. "If I can't find a friendship problem, I'll make a friendship problem!" --Insane Twilight "I'm the world champ y'know, I bet you can't beat me!" *Squee* --Fluttershy "Well, DUH!" --Pinkie Pie
  10. Sorry I haven't been active guys. Expect more of me once Season 3 starts. Right now I'm getting ready for the WoW expansion.

  11. Time to play Amnesia: The Dark Decent for the first time.

    1. Molester Man

      Molester Man

      It was nice meeting you, may you rest in peace, Carl.


      I assume your called Carl, and refuse to call you any other way.

    2. IvoryVinyl


      Good luck with that.

  12. Search Anime on Welovefine... Get ponies. Seems legit.

  13. Name: Skar Partner Name: Dave247 Minecraft Usernames: DaltonX5 and Dave_247 Skype?: Yes Minecraft: Legit Other Games: TERA, Terraria, Portal 2, DC Universe Online, World of Warcraft (All Legit)
  14. Feeding fish to my lizard YAY its so awesome.

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