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About Me

Hello! Welcome to Skar's about me page!


My real name is Dalton Mayes. I live in Lone Grove, Oklahoma. I love cats and reptiles. I can be quick tempered, but it's only toward video games. Before MLP I was a very distant person and avoided social activity. But now I am more open about how I feel. I am very superstitious. Truth is, I've lost some interest in the Forums, not completely abandoning it, just won't be as active as I use to be. I might be back once Season 3 starts, matters how much of an impact it has on me.


My favorite pony is Fluttershy, because she seems the female version of myself.


Favorite ponies:


1. Fluttershy

2. Pinkie Pie

3. Twilight Sparkle

4. Rarity

5. Rainbow Dash

6. Applejack


My favorite background pony is Apple Fritter, due to her color scheme.

Another favorite of mine is Octavia, due to her playing a cello, my favorite instrument.

And then of course there is Derpy Hooves.



Color: Green

Show: MLP: FiM

Anime: Gurren Laggan

Number: 19

Gaming System: XBox 360

Video Game: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Music: Rock

Song (Non Pony): The World is Black (Good Charlotte)

Video Game Song: Lost Woods (Saria's Song)

Pony Song: Smile, Smile, Smile

Pony-fan Song: Loyalty