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  1. happy birthday =) 

  2. Hey Zygen! If you come around visiting again, happy birthday!

  3. I remember you. :3

    I used to go by NothingIsEverything on here. :3

    1. Zygen


      Ahh okay, I think I remember ya, heyo!

  4. Hey, I felt one of those weird desires to go down memory lane and check out this place again. Then after looking through memory lane a bit, I decided that I should just post something here just as a sort of closure perhaps? I don't want anyone to worry about me so I felt this was the proper thing to do. 

    Basically to anyone who's still here and knows me or had known me at any point...

    Hey guys! Zygen here! I hope everyone here is doing great! I apologize to those who I may have worried and many of you may never read this, but I just wanted to thank you for your worries, it's really touching to think that I made enough of an impact on so many individual's lives in the time I spent here!

    I will get this out of the way, I'm not really planning to post here anymore or come back or anything, this isn't a return post, I wouldn't consider myself a Brony anymore, not out of any distaste or anything for any individual or the fandom or anything, I've just sort of moved on I guess you could say. 

    But that being said, I really do treasure the impact that everyone here has had on me during my time here! I looked through a lot of old Pms and stuff, and there were so many of you that put forth a helping hand and helped me in my times of need, and I very much appreciate each and every individual who has done so!

    Just as a sort of update, I am currently a university student studying Computer Science! It has been going pretty good! I've made plenty of friends, had plenty of great experiences and learned so much! 

    Sure, life is never perfect, there have been plenty of struggles, but I think looking back on myself and comparing myself to now, I actually do feel like I've made so much progress, when it comes to many of my own issues, and improving myself as a human being. So overall, life has been good!

    There are likely many of you I will never talk to again, in some interesting ways, I feel it might be best that way? But I just wanted to let all of you know that I am incredibly grateful for everything that the people here have done for me! I hope that all of you realize how amazing you can be and perhaps derive something from my appreciation post that may help you all in your lives! 

    Remember, you are all awesome! I really do mean it! Don't let yourself think less of what you can be! There is nothing stopping you from being amazing! (That is something I continue to try and teach myself!) 

    That's about it I guess, I may or may not respond to this, since this is kind of meant to be closure, but I hope everyone who reads this understands and it serves some kind of purpose.

    And to those who don't know me at all.... Hey LOL, I use to post here(obsessively) but no longer do! Greetings! And I hope I wish for you all the best of luck here and in life!

    Peace out my dudes!


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    2. Cwanky


      Great to see you again! Stick around for the alleged last 2 seasons of the show before its all over.

      Then stick around for the afterparty! :pinkie:

    3. Zygen


      @Cwanky Haha, thanks my dude! And honestly I'm probably not going to stick around, I've just kind of got busy and maybe i'll potentially watch the rest, but eh you know what I mean?

      Glad to see ya again though my dude!

    4. Cwanky


      Well that's a shame. But please do try and stay in touch! 

  5. For those of whom see this, don't worry, he's fine. (Sorry Zygen for speaking upon your behalf, though I'm sure you prefer others to feel at ease) - I talked to Zygen in PM the last time he was active (11-29-15), and simply put, he's just not much a part of the fandom anymore, if at all, and that caused him to stop frequenting this forum site. // Anyway, Godspeed, Zygen, and may your future be pleasant, happy, and fulfilling. http://puu.sh/nkPwz/42c14c5c99.jpg

  6. It's been some time. I hope you're doing well. I'll never forget the exhaustively long and interesting conversations we had on here

    1. Zygen


      I wish you the best my dude! Sorry i sort of quit the fandom so I don't really check in here anymore but yeah

  7. So, as I was watching through the series again for the Nth time, lol; When I got to Pinkie Pride, when she started singing... *sigh*... I thought of you. I remembered enjoying listening to you sing. Gosh... it's been a while.

  8. Damn, my mind works mysteriously. I was just thinking about saying here in your feed that I miss you, and I see that literally one month and one day I ago, I did that. // I miss you man.

  9. It's been a while. http://puu.sh/izTFX/7e9ece2b9c.png ... I hope you're doing alright.

  10. Not sure you will ever see this ... but /)

    1. Zygen


      I saw it /)

  11. Happy birthday to you =)=)=)=)=)=)!

  12. Hello again Zygen! Sorry, I was gone like forever...never forgot about you, though. You're one of the nicest guys I knew, on a board full of nice people. :) How's life treating you??

    1. Zygen


      Sorry i never responded back then! Life has been life but you know it's been pretty good!

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