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  1. Some bots are just distractions, some bots are just gold <3

  2. I hated URF last year, mostly due to my small champ pool and inexperience. After a year+ and a larger champ pool, URF is a breath of fresh air. AP Eve, Vlad, Wukong, and Karthus are so fun.
  3. I've seen a ton of different builds, however the BotRK into tank seems the most common. I've also seen Tri into tank or a Sunfire rush. I guess it depends on the MU really.
  4. Can anyone link me to a nice SunLight ship fic?

  5. Can't wait for Blood Moon Thresh and Poro Rider Sej. Anyone try out the tweaked Sej yet? Apparently it worked for the better
  6. Saberspark is my hero <3

  7. I honestly don't like the whole Madstone jungle thing. I mean, what's the sense in hopping into a team-based game just to pretty much say "F8ck the team" for ~50+ percent of the match. I know Drag has global gold, but a gank that can lead into a lane getting ahead sounds much more plausible then ~300g. (I know the dragon gives more later on, but let's be serious here, most people aboveor around Silver III/II know how to ward) I don't mind Trick2g, but the whole Madstone thing just doesn't really sit well with me.
  8. Dafaq. Some people have way too much time on their hands, lol. Oh deer lord, I can only imagine what it would be like playing with him. As if randoms weren't enough, now people are adding other players for this? Aye...
  9. Franken Tibbers Annie, then I'll just need her Annie in Wonderland. Also, the Pumpkin Fiddles, no idea what it's actually called. Only two so far, but there will most likely be more, lol. The Fnatic skins look cool as well, along with CS Shyvana. *sigh* First they make me earn all this IP, then empty my wallt :<
  10. Anyone know when the Vault opens for Halloween? I'm dying for a few skins...
  11. What's your Summoner Name? Mine's "101 Squeaker", if you want to add me.
  12. Looking for a brony buddy to play with. I'm on most weekdays 4-9PM PST (6-11PM EST). Currently unranked, as I just started in February. Saving up for those 15K Rune pages (Rito why)
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