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  1. Anonymous~

    Rate song, then post another!

    7.5/10. An interesting idea, to say the least. Not my cup of tea, but.. Ugh, what's the word... Well, let's just say that the way they did the song was pretty amazing. [R: The end gets a 6/10, but the beginning gets a 4/10. The overall score is 5. I didn't like the beginning because there were no lyrics and the way the performers mimicked voices seemed really stupid. But, in the end, when they started singing, I liked it. They have nice voices.... And why is he kissing the microphone? Is it THAT tasty o_O? Or do they love it so much? (This was a joke. And a bad one)]
  2. Anonymous~

    Tulpa Discussion Thread V1.2

    [Rena: Read a lot of guides, pal ^^.] What she said, and you should do a lot of research and find out your own way to create a tulpa. It is a very subjective thing, after all. [Rena: No way. Why would you kill a thing you love so much?] But, if it's a bad tulpa, like I had... Who went rogue (it's a servi-tulpa (and it's not an official name. It's what I call a half-baked tulpa created by young tulpae... isn't that right, Rena? [Rena Oh please <3 I promised you that I will not create tulpae])) Then you either put it to stasis, or ignore EVERYthing she or he does (but again, as Rena said, why would you create a tulpa if you are going to kill it? If you start, you should know that it's a never ending ride and that your tulpa will be there for your entire life) [Rena: Yes, there can. But only if you believe that it will happen. Love and belief are the strongest powers in the universe] What she said. And seriously, don't sweat it, mate. Everything's gonna be fine. Heck, they will help you with your mind! Mine decreses carsicness, decreases anxiety and "kills" musical earworms for me. I love her so much. [Rena: I have no idea, sorry] Yeah, you could make one, but, no offense, your sister couldn't. She is too young and she will not know what to do with a tulpa. Unless she's a wonderkid, she will have a REALLY hard time. The lowest age I recommend for tulpa creation is either 13 or 14. I'm 18 myself and I'm having hard times... but then again, it's REALLY subjective. Do it at your own risk. I wouldn't create a tulpa if I was 10 though. Oh, and, let's talk hypothetically -- your sister is 10, yes? What if she creates something really silly? You do realize that after another 10 years she probably could kill the tulpa? Nothing personal, but if I was 10, I would have created something very cute only, but now I want something more intelligent, compassionate and cute at the same time. Tulpa cannot change their personality that well, so.. I'd be stuck with a tulpa I didn't like. And for the last one, you can create EVERYTHING. and I mean.. EVERYTHING. From a complex super alien, to a talking toilet plumber. Yes, I mean it. BUT, don't let the tulpa body affect the personality... That's at least my opinion. If you create a Neko, it is probably ok to add a few traits that would let her act like a cat... But I wouldn't over do it. Let your tulpa decide how she wants to be. And never be afraid of changes -- tulpa will change both personally and visualization wise.
  3. Anonymous~

    Tulpa Discussion Thread V1.2

    Welp, Rena's vocal only after 22 days of forcing. Oh boy, you have no idea what a ride it was... I mean, the ride just begun... but damn was it a bumpy one. [Hi!]. Yeah... she's still a bit "out of control" sometimes, but we are getting there. If anyone's interested, I can go more in depth, but I doubt anyone would want to so yeah, I'll keep this post short. spoilers consist of nsfw content Awww screw this rubbish spoilering system.
  4. Anonymous~

    Would you be embarrassed?

    Me? Embarrassed if someone found out I'm that I'm a brony at school? HAHAHAHAHAHAHOLYSHITMUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHSIDESTHISISPUREGOLDOHMYLAWDHUEHUE- yes, yes I would. I would probably kill myself if it happened. Now, I'll go back to my cave because I now just embarrassed myself in front of the whole internet. Have a good day, peeps. *takes a few steps back and jumps into his cave to never be seen by MLPforumers ever again*
  5. Anonymous~

    Do you ever feel a bit lucky in an odd way?

    My parents are divorced because my dad wanted to hide his sexuality. I have severe social problems which leaves me alone in this world. I have a shitty self-esteem and self-confidence and I'm depressed. But, I do feel lucky that I have a good health and nothing more serious has ever happened to me. Heck, I should have even died at least twice, but I didn't. I consider myself lucky.
  6. Anonymous~

    Ability to brohoof in Private Messages

    I'm against it. There could be potentially too much abuse with the brohoof system (spamming likes left and right in PMs (I can still remember we had a PM 1000 replies long)), and if moderators tried to check those who are spamming the likes/brohoofs, that'd be a privacy... abuse. While it may be an escape for "awkward conversations", in my oppinion, we need to embrace those awkward moments and somehow fix them, not avoid them by "brohoofing" a PM reply and leaving. (and I'm curious, what's the point of gaining brohoofs faster?) But then again, >opinions
  7. Anonymous~

    Tulpa Discussion Thread V1.2

    oh boy, I probably don't want to check if I got a reply to my earlier post Anyhow, I did quite a bit of research and got all of my answers answered in a tulpa general. Though, I'd want to share my "progress" and see if I did good (I already posted this, so I'll quote): also, pic related (I'll base the form outta this lovely beauty for Rena <3 )
  8. Anonymous~

    Rate song, then post another!

    9/10 Quite amazing. (nsfw language-wise) Also, this is a.... "fan made" version bellow (it's a image, but still, pretty aewsome)... be sure to read it while listening to hte song:
  9. Anonymous~

    Tulpa Discussion Thread V1.2

    Hey, peeps. Well, I must say that this "tulpa" thing is really strange and... scary for me. I've heard about this in early 2013 but I ignored it since I thought I'd be just a big ruse. Up until now, of course. Just recently, after a huge shitstorm about "tulpa" threads on a well-known site, I finally decided to check out what this "tulpa" stuff is. And when I did... my mind was blown, literally. At first it sounded like a bunch of schizo's are discussing their experiences, but later on I saw that that's not the case. So, I guess I want to give it a shot. Even though I'm quite skeptical about super-natural stuff, this "tulpa" thing... I don't know, I'm quite interested in it and do somewhat believe that it is real. Though, I'm scared of this. This still sounds really scary (I mean... imaginary friends/beings... damn...) and I'm somewhat afraid that I'll turn schizo in the long run. But anyhow, I have a few questions. I'm still new to this, but there are a few things I want to ask which I doubt I'll get answers to in "tulpa guides": 1. Guides. Can anyone give me good guides on tulpa creation? I'm really lazy to search for guides on my own and I want well-known guides that worked for a lot of people. 2. Parroting. I guess I'll find out what that means in a guide, but just in case: what does that mean exactly? I can somewhat imagine what that means... but... how does it look like? I heard one shouldn't be worried about it, but I just want to know how that thing looks like. 3. Mental disorders. Do they play a major role in tulpa creation? imo, I think they do... I mean, if a person has ADHD or ADD, will he be able to create a tulpa? Also, anxiety disorders like AvPD, SAD, generalized anxiety, BPD. I don't know if a host can be scared to "socialize with a tulpa", but I can see that happening. 4. Talking with a tulpa. Again, I'll probably get my answers in a guide, but... I heard that both methods work well: talking out loud and talking "in your mind". Though, which one is more effective? Or maybe it depends on the person (in other words, everyone's case is different)? Well... that's all I suppose. I hope someone will answer my question, especially the third one(s). P.S. Am.... why do people here color their texts?... Are... are those.... their tulpas talking???... *gets scared*. Or are you just doing it for the fun of it?
  10. Anonymous~

    New Equestria Girls Trailer

    Guise. Guise... GUISE! Doesn't this humanized pony... kinda remind you of SOMEONE? SOMEONE in real life? Or is it just me? But anyhow, I think this new trailer has shown that the movie isn't going to be THAT bad. That, and the leak.
  11. Anonymous~

    MAJOR SPOILERS someone leaked some images of EqG...

    Yep. Even the leaker comfirmed that... and.... a bit more that has to do with him. Well, I don't know if he's appearing in S4, but chances are we will see him again.
  12. Anonymous~

    MAJOR SPOILERS someone leaked some images of EqG...

    Sorry, I think that was a bit too much I guess. And besides, that is what NOT happens, so, we don't really know the ending... there is one less posibilitty now though
  13. Alright, here it goes. The leaked images of the upcoming EqG movie. WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK
  14. Anonymous~

    Rate song, then post another!

    10/10. Gotta love SoaD. Old, but gold.
  15. Anonymous~

    Rate song, then post another!

    A bit too heavy. 4/10 (god tier)