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  1. EpicApplejack

    Private Fallout Equestria

    Sensiquill wakes up... again. The intense heat had been slowly killing him as he stumbled across this forsaken wasteland. "Water..." He manages to mumble as he falls over and catches a glimpse of a torn flag in the distance. As he was forced into unconsciousness, he began dreaming of civilization. It's been far too long since he's seen another pony. (Hey sorry I haven't been on guys. My phone has been trouble charging and my laptop was at a different house. Anyway I have no idea what I'm doing or what's going on, so I decided to almost literally drop my OC into the RP.)
  2. @ For a moment Sensiquill was surprised as he watched this random unicorn attack the mare he had followed all this way. The flash of changeling magic was almost blinding due to the fact it was forced out of her. The moment had passed and Earth pony quickly put two and two together with his suspicions, the changeling hissing, and Lee confirming it all. Sensiquill glanced down and made a slight grunt of disgust at the sight of the unconscious impostor. "We'll stand a better chance if we stay close." Said the stallion as he dug his hooves into the ground in preparation for battle.
  3. @ After a long, silent walk, Sensiquill and the Mare were finally rounding Foal Mountain. As the gruesome wreckage came into view, the painful thoughts began to return to the stallion. A grim expression overtook his face and the only reason he didn't cry was the mare. It was peculiar how she acted so upset earlier, yet now she seemed more focused than anything. The wreck was clearly visible now. "So where is everyone?" The stallion asked with a slightly skeptical tone. "Any idea where they could've taken your family?"
  5. @ Sensiquill began to follow along side the troubled mare. He muttered under his breath, "The wreck was hardly trivial..." He looked over at her and asked, "What were you doing in the area?" He looked away for a moment and added, "What were you guys doing around Foal Mountain anyway?"
  6. I can't post till later, I'm at work right now. Mmm pizza lunch. I guarantee that I will though, haha
  7. Name: Sensiquill Age: 20 Gender: Male Race: Earth Pony Appearance: A grey-blue stallion of lean stature. Mane is a series of 3 shades of blue (see link in signature). A notepad and quill as a cutiemark. Personality: Sensible and coy. A very neutral-good character who will usually put other's problems before his own, but still enjoys the simple pleasures of life. Role: Non-vault dweller Skills: Speech, unarmed, medicine S- 4 P- 7 E- 7 C- 8 I- 8 A- 4 L- 2
  8. Sensiquill sobered up instantly. "A train crash!? Where!?" The hope hit him like a falling brick. The stallion thought to himself, "If the ponies involved in the wreck were changelings, could she be... Alive?" "I've got nothing left to loose," Sensiquill comforted the frantic mare, "I'll do what I can."
  9. The stallion was alone again... He couldn't believe it. Glitch Freeze was gone, but this time forever. Sensiquill jotted the painful memories into his journal; accompanied only by a bottle of Applejack Daniels. "I did everything I could. It just all happened so fast. We caught wind that war had broken out between the sisters and we decided it wasn't safe in Hoofington (just West of Baltimare). Only a few settlements were safe and I figured they wouldn't be for long. Our best bet was to head for the land of the crystal ponies." The grey-blue pony flipped on to the next page. "We tr
  10. Sign me up as Sensiquill, I'm in the middle Eastern CE territory. Let's make this interesting shall we?
  11. This looks like it may be fun, however I don't understand the whole "special" thing. I've only played a little of Fallout and have yet to read FOE.
  12. Since the Fallout, then there was the apocalypse. Then sisters fight. It is set in the not so distant future.
  13. Looks intriguing Pyro I if you need another admin just lemme know. I think I'll make up an OC for this
  14. Thee EpicAJ is back BABY!!! Does anypony wanna play some DayZ standalone? Message me if ya do!

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