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  1. I bought some new sunglasses! They're 80's!: I filmed a HimeGyaru video today incase you're wondering about the hair! Haha You have a mane! Awesome! <3
  2. (I'm female) - I'm attracted to girls (if that counts?) - I like gaming - I like martial arts - I do DIY - I think like a guy (I think) But my appearance is extremely feminine! I kind of think about myself as having an androgynous personality <3
  3. Ah, I don't usually snack late. But my dream snacks (well, they're probably too big to be snacks, they're probably more like meals! ) would be either: - A reeeeally nice panini with spinach, tomatoes, sweetcorn, peas, cheese and herbs. All toasted, of course! Or - I bowl of ice cream with LOADS of different random things mixed in! Like.... chocolate milkshake powder, different sauces, biscuits (cookies in America), nuts, jam (jelly in America) erm...... what else..... everything! Anything that's sweet would go into it! Haha, aw man. Now I'm so hungry. You can tell I haven't eaten in like 24 hours haha I try not to eat unhealthy things often, but when I do eat unhealthy things I go all out! <3
  4. Yay, welcome! I hope you will post some of your artwork for us all to see! <3
  5. Me taking a photo with my magazine, it's my favourite magazine and hard to get in the UK so I was soooooo happy when it arrived! <3
  6. OMG! I can't believe you ate all of that, you should enter an eating competition! That's HUGE! (This has to be in America, right?) <3
  7. I know, I kept telling them I'm not inspired by Barbie Haha don't worry, I'm laughing too. I couldn't hear what they were saying because the translator earpiece wasn't working (it was working but it was blurting out Romanian words into my head so I couldn't even hear what I was saying, especially not what they were saying!) Haha 'dancing' I know! I just wanted it to end I thought I was going to throw up and pass out! <3
  8. Haha well, both the video and the gifs are in my post about it here: All the clips were edited together into one video. But, I should tell you, I look sooooo awkward and lost because I was almost passing out in the last interview (I was poorly!) and the translator wasn't working for most of it! I embarrassed myself LOTS! (I actually explain it all later in that post but I doubt you would want to read that ha ) <3
  9. 3 of me....... I was going to post another gif of when I was on one of the Romanian tv shows but it said the 'file type' isn't allowed in this forum! I don't know how I posted the other one then! Haha I looked bad in it anyway! <3 You look like you're photographing your text under your photo! <3
  10. Hey there Lolly how are you :)?

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    2. Gawn Aiwbaw

      Gawn Aiwbaw

      *Hugs* Lolly! Yay happy end happy end :3 I was going to post that on your thread.



    3. Lolly


      Aw! Hahahaha *hugs*! <3

    4. Gawn Aiwbaw

      Gawn Aiwbaw

      Good talking with you for a bit take care! Iam off to sleep lol hope you had a good weekend :)

  11. I just got back from Romania (I was flown out there for some tv shows) so here is a photo of me shopping! (Well, 3 of me! Haha) And here are a few screen-caps: Can you tell I was slightly inspired by Pinky Pie that day? Haha And here is a funny GIF I made of when I embarrassed myself on a different show: (In Romania their greeting is 2 kisses, one kiss on each cheek. I didn't know so I sat back down as she was leaning in for another!) And here's a link to the promo for it for anyone who is interested: I'm happy to be back in the UK though - now I can relax on MLP forums haha <3
  12. Hahaha shush, no I'm not! But thank you anyway! <3
  13. I filmed a makeup tutorial the other day, here is the result!: (I know it's extreme, it's supposed to be ) Here is the video: <3
  14. People who cut out all unnatural things and live a 100% healthy lifestyle are never sick. They never have a cold or anything else like that. They look about 30/40 when they're 70/80 and never even feel lethargic. Unless you're like that, you are not in 'perfect health'. Milk isn't the worst thing in the world, you can still be alive drinking it. Just like you can still be alive eating fried foods/processed foods. The question was 'Is milk good for you?' The answer is 'No'. The question wasn't "Will milk kill me instantly?" To be quite honest, it really annoys me whenever I tell someone something about health they always answer with such a childish "Well, why am I still alive and healthy then? By what you're telling me, I should be dead!" *sticks out tongue at me*. You know what, you do whatever you want, I'm just going to leave you to do your own shit. But don't ever ask a question about health unless you're willing to hear an honest answer.
  15. Actually, no. Milk is not good for you. All the people saying it is haven't done research and are just saying what they were told growing up. DON'T READ THIS NEXT PART IF YOU WANT TO CONTINUE DRINKING MILK!!!!!