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  1. Goin to da gym again :D Bye bye :P

  2. Just came back from the gym and I gotta admit it was way more awesome and fun then I ever expected ^^

    1. D1SC0RD


      I love the gym! I wish I was still a member. It's always so fun to go

    2. WildCard
  3. How is Project Cars? Is it worth the money? I always hated Shift 2 Unleashed's oversteering and stuff.

    1. ApexHunter


      Honestly, Project CARS is sick in my opinion. I didn't have any issues with oversteering except for some cars that are still in development. If you have a wheel then you shouldn't have any problems with it. Other then that, yes it's worth the money, looks beautiful, sounds amazing and drives great. :)

    2. Commander Bubbles

      Commander Bubbles

      I'll have to make sure to get a copy when it releasses in full

  4. RD can have her own damn Zonda R xD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k35zQSkShsw

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Friendship_Cannon


      (\ support them by liking and sharing if you can xD

    3. ApexHunter
    4. Yamato


      Wait, that's a Mitsubishi Starion...


      They're doing it right.

  5. I don't care how much the new xbox will cost...I NEED FORZA 5!!!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. ApexHunter


      One does not simply combine those two into one. But at the same time I'm wondering how will GT get through all of this. I hate saying this but Forza kinda dominated GT. Hope they'll fix their shit in GT6

    3. WildCard


      From the first sight, no it will stay the same.

      But hey...more cars! *derp*

      Seriously. GT5 was a big disappointment. The KI is not there, when you drive 300kmh it feels like cruising with 50,etc.

    4. ApexHunter


      It was a big disappointment but still fun. But they could learn from their mistakes, that's all I'm saying

  6. I never though I'd say this but I actually like Black Ops 2. ^-^ Not the best though, BF still takes that place xD

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    2. Quilava


      lol ye, no such thing as a "quick round" in bf :P

    3. ApexHunter
    4. Blade Lightning

      Blade Lightning

      bf3 and bf4 FTW

      though I do like bo2 for the zombies mode, pretty fun to play.

  7. About to waste the next 6 hours in an endurance in GT5. What am I doing with my life? xD

    1. Friendship_Cannon


      GT4, I remember dong 24h-hour-races on my PS2

  8. Yay, I finally made Fluttershy's car ^_^http://i.imgur.com/8qotHxF.jpg

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    2. ApexHunter


      I love those 2 as well. :D

      It's Race 07 with the GTR Evolution expansion.

    3. -BleachedOne-


      ...it's only $3 on Steam. I should grab this.

    4. ApexHunter


      Yea it's fun. Worth the money if you ask me. :)

  9. Okay laziness is also a part of it but the thing is that I don't switch em because the one I'm using most of the time is 27 inches big and the other, which I have for other stuff like PS3, is 22 or 23 inches big. Not sure. I could try switching the cables but that means that every time I would use my PS3, I'd have to unplug the HDMI cable from the PC and plug in the PS3 one. Now doing that would be a bit annoying Meh, I'll give it a try. Or I could just go get an extra cable so I won't have to switch this stuff every time
  10. Woooooooow that sounds AWESOME I used to play GT5 a lot but lately I wasn't spending much time on my PS3 mainly because I can't use my wheel anymore. Not that anything wouldn't work but I got 2 TVmonitors on my desk and I can't hook up my PS3 to the one that's in front of me but I have it connected to the other monitor which is far right and twisted a bit. So if I would want to use my wheel, I'd have to keep looking right the whole time. It's almost like driving a normal car but watching the person whose sitting next to you the whole time. xD
  11. Like racing? Dude I'm kinda obsessed with it And yes, there were paddle shifters on the wheel. The wheel was identical to the one in the real F1 car except that it didn't have the clutch behind the wheel. Well people probably wouldn't know how to use it anyway since most of em didn't even know how to shift (not a joke). Also, I hope you'll get a chance to drive in it someday
  12. Well I guess I'll leave a pic or 2...Although I'm gonna put em under spoilers for safety reasons