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  1. villan97: i was loved the bad guys in stuff, and my classmates always saw me as one... with the first time entering it and misspelling villan97 instead of villain97, it stuck and i kept it Doppelrac: BECAUSE I AM THE CLONE OF SOLRAC
  2. they can be if drawn in the sexy way... anything can be sexy from humans to inanimate objects
  3. in the first season of the first episode of the first act... its said that celestia took responsibility for both the sun and the moon
  4. the insanity in my mind and being surrounded by other bronies also helps
  5. even tho equestria seem to be perfect and or a better world then the one we live in, look at the disabilities, the terrorist attacks, the curses, the scams, and all the events that happened 1000 years ago. but then again nothing is perfect and equestria is still a better place than earth
  6. does it matter? well, in terms of the show... they must all be straight... in terms of the fandom, ITS ALL DIFFERENT IN EACH MIND
  7. love, tower thingy... i guess it could, but then again its located in the unforgiving north
  8. well, im a roge/misfit/rejected/insane changeling... so she dose what she pleases but stays with the changeling lifestyle of feeding on emotions and feelings
  9. SUCH A FUN GAME!!! tho it could have been much better... BUT NOSTALGIA!!!
  10. tombstone... why? ok.. this song, the only thing thats good about this song is the tune, the lyrics kinda suck, tombstones singing is always bad... and its just.... bad... but even tho its bad i still like it, but i just think tombstone is getting just a wee bit overrated
  11. not as much as i use too... i come online every so often
  12. No... You really think I'm gonna make the same mistake? (Actually it's was gifted to me ) I ment I'm getting a new computer.... That actually might be a gaiming laptop...
  13. Well, my hopes are for me to be a voice actor. I'm already perusing it. Iv actually been coached by Andrea (pinkie/Fluttershy) Michael (brayburn) and Lee (snips) and they have all said that I'm gonna go far with how big of a range I have. All I gotta do is put together my demo reel and send it to some agents... Then ANNOY THE CRAP OUT OF THEM!!!! Then be signed into a roster and OFF I GO INTO MY CAREER!
  14. Cronophobia, fear of the future. Just thinking about it makes me so paranoid. And I have a little hydrophobia...