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  1. the ninja applejack emote was killed by indifference and malevolence in equal measure 

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    2. Ski He

      Ski He

      it's been stuck in purgatory for years ninjajack.png.90c9aaeba4a507af73fc6db67031c2be.png. The powers that be could restore it to it's rightful place but choose  to wallow in their own guilt instead, forgetting the forsaken emotes that enabled their rise to power in the first place ninjajack.png.90c9aaeba4a507af73fc6db67031c2be.png

    3. Clarity


      ah yes, the emote i was never able to fully write out because it had a funny notation

    4. Ski He

      Ski He

      Only 90's kids remember the :ph34r: emote

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