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  1. Digging this banner

  2. Jeric

    Happy birthday DF. Hope your birthday and the holidays suits you well. 




    1. Waka


      A belated thank you! Hope the same's been true on your end. How've things been? 

    2. Jeric


      Pretty good in general. 

      Just sitting her putting together projects for my classes that start in 10 days and also randomly trying to learn how to read sheet music. 


    3. Waka


      For no purpose in particular? I'm glad you're challenging yourself lol

  3. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. Waka


      Thanks so much!

  4. Waka

    Aligning Staff with an Alignment Chart

    @Evilshy should fight @Jedishy for their staff spot like in the Black Panther movie
  5. justice for the ninja Applejack emote

  6. 1) Just One Small Thing 2) Time to be Awesome 3) Rainbow 4) Open Your Eyes 5) I'm the Friend You Need 6) We've Got This Together As a longtime Dash fan, Time to be Awesome was everything I wanted out of her in a song. She's cocky, confident and full of energy, and she's using all that energy to motivate people to be brave and chase their dreams, as she's chased hers. But Shannon Chan-Kent and Kristin Chenoweth collabing was just too magical for me not to have it at number one. Song was bouncier than a superball.
  7. Has she even used it once since Season 2?
  8. Waka

    Stop merging PMs?

    Since the forum update, consecutive PMs made within a short period of time have been merged together instead of appearing as distinct messages. This is irritating because it's now more difficult to resume a conversation if there's a short break in the middle. If I finish some work and want to let a friend know I'm available to talk again, my messages are simply merged together and no notification is sent to the person I'm trying to talk to. Which means I have to either wait several minutes to get their attention, or contact them in some other way. It's also much easier to miss messages in general if conversations are moving at a moderate pace. If one person wants to add a detail or share something they forgot to mention, that addendum is now merged onto the end of a message that the other person can think they've already read. I know that tech people have a million other things to do, but if it's feasible to turn off message merging in the PM system, I think it'd make it a much more effective way to talk to people.
  9. Waka

    Annoying Anti-Americanism

    I'd imagine a chunk of these people aren't being serious. Even as an American it's really enjoyable and easy to make fun of America, and I'm sure I'd do it even more if I was from somewhere else.
  10. I joined a little before Season 3 began, and the next several months after that were very dramatic. Equestria Girls was announced, Twilight became an alicorn, Fighting is Magic got C&D'd, and there're probably other controversies I'm not remembering. The Twilicorn thing was probably the most divisive, with a lot of people making wild predictions, bashing people who liked the change, and some I believe even threatened a few of the writers. On the other hand, lots of people who weren't too big on the change but were generally more mature about it got lumped in with the crazies and caught some flak from the pro-Alicorn crowd. It was all very stupid and unpleasant. The fandom now seems a lot more chill, though that might be because I'm less involved in it . Can't even recall the last time there was real drama.
  11. Waka

    Who could beat Goku?

    Saitama, Batman with prep-time and Haruhi Suzumiya.
  12. hey nob

    fite me in smash

    1. Waka


      you gonna get bodied