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    i love music, ponies, people in general, making people happy and to smile, i am very social with people and love to have fun with EVERYONE! :D
  1. so i've just finished reading the most exciting story "Moonstuck" by Egophiliac. i adored woona and i loved the adventure she went on (kinda makes me wanna go on an adventure) and how she made all those friends and stuff, for those of you who haven't read it, i highly recommend you do! it is an excellent tale filled with comedy and adventure but i digress, i wanna hear the thoughts of what other people thought about moonstuck, what did you enjoy about moonstuck and what didn't you enjoy? was there anything you thought that could've been better within the story? (just like to see if i can get a
  2. i was wondering, do u have to play fallout in order to understand the fan fic fallout:equestria cause i havent played fallout before (though i really should) and i dont wanna throw myself into the fan fic, not knowing anything about the game and also, is fallout equestria based on fallout 3 or is it something completely different?
  3. and also @raindance, i'm glad you liked the song! just whenever you see a brony whos shy about being a brony, introduce them to that song! it might just help them with that courage
  4. well i wish no brony would have to go though the teasing of being a brony, but being society as it is, people can't accept what others love just because its not how the stereotypical male is. people wanted to have peace in the world, yet they can't accept something so simple as a tv show that others like
  5. i didnt tell anyone i was a brony since i knew of all the harsh comments i would get from people but then i heard this song, this one particular song that made me realise, it ok for me to be a brony and no one can tell me different! song: Great to be different by puttrustinfate, give it a listen while your at it!
  6. every brony goes though this stage at least ONCe in their life. the thing is, why cant they just "DEAL WITH IT" instead of hating? accept ones differences, dont isolate them for it! (MLP Life Lesson)
  7. i've been a brony for about.....6 months now and i was wondering how have other bronies friends react to them being a brony? my friends werent very positive about it but they are now alright with me being one, as long as i dont shove it down there throats like religion or something and i even made some of them like the show too! so i was wondering, how did YOUR friends react to YOU becoming a brony?
  8. Stetson West

    hi there

    yay! WELCOME TO THE FORUMS! i hope you have a great time here! your doing psychology?! THAT SOUNDS AWESOME!!!! i hope to try out psychology someday too! apart from that, enjoy yourself and dont be afraid to talk to others
  9. yay! welcome to the forums! i hope you have the best of BESTEST time here and its always awesome to do MLP fan stuff! your avatar looks pretty cool as well btw!
  10. Stetson West

    New here...

    GASP! YOUR HYPER?! ME TOO! hyper people are always fun since they're all over the place all the time! hope you have a great time here at the forums!
  11. GASP!!! YOUR FROM AUSTRALIA?! ME TOO! (try imagine that in a pinkie pie voice) well i hope u have a fantastic time here and dont be afraid to ask around, everyone's friendly here!
  12. Stetson West

    Hey everypony

    HI THERE! WELCOME! HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT TIME HERE! a pony artist huh? that sounds awesome! though if u dont mind that is, could you put a bit more information cause what you have there is very basic, but thats up to you!
  13. awww! this avatar is RLY RLY CUTE! i agree with nightingale, yea and also WELCOME!!! (still can't get over that cuteness of that pinkie pie...) X3
  14. ahh! thanks you all! your right, its not weird to like it! once i learn more about this place, then i should be fine! and yes, i find luna EXTREMELY ADORABLE! /dies of heart attack
  15. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Pinkie Pie How did you find MLP Forums?: i was surfing the web for vinyl scratch pictures when i came across mlp forums. How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: i asked a friend if he had any animes i could watch and he recommenced MLP FiM to me. i did the stereotypical thing by shoving it off and calling it GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! (what a fool i was back then) later in the week, i was bored so i decided to take a look at all the fuss about MLP and i found myself watch episode 1. i found out it wasen't that bad so i continued though to the second
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