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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Well, ok sure it's been awhile since I did any Rp so this should be fun. any characters you have in mind? I only have the one in my sig.
  4. Flying Ace sat down the paper excitedly no longer noticing that the breezies were gone, "A pass into the palace? Oh that's exciting! Good luck to whoever gets those tickets." Ace quickly ate his breakfast; he was mostly excited about seeing his parents again after awhile. They didn't get to see each other that often since the only time Ace was in Canterlot was for a show but this week meant no work so the week was his for the taking. Even better today he was heading for Ponyville for the celebrations, as thats where he'll be spending it with his parents. "Alright Ponyville here I come!"
  5. I want to take part in this. It's been awhile since I joined a new RP and I need to bring back my main man Ace. He's in my sig below let me know if theres some things I need to change.
  6. I've been meaning to cheack this out I'll see if I can have a character by tomorrow.
  7. @@Torrent505, *after ears recover from the screech* WOOHOO! Glad to see not everyone is dead. I'm looking forward to playing everyone's favorite water mage, (hopefully ) Dresden!
  8. *wipes cobwebs off me* we back? ok sorry guys gotta knock you out of my hair now. *Shakes head to knock spiders out oh his head.*
  9. @@Alex Kennedy,@@RunsWithSquirlz, @@Torrent505, @, Dresden nodded and bowed respectfully before Abigail's father and brother as he followed the group though the mansion but there was something...Off about Abigail's brother. Dresden couldn't quite out his finger on it but he got a strange feeling when he saw him like something inside Dresden wanted him to be cautious towards him.
  10. @@Torrent505, @@Alex Kennedy, @@RunsWithSquirlz, (damn Tulla shot down Dresden pretty fast. ) Dresden shrugged, he was used to those kinds of response he got from people maybe it was because...because of what? From being a lord's son? Yes, that's the reason. Dresden was deep in thought as thy walked though the maze; there was something...important he should remember...something he shouldn't have forgot... "Ah, Dresdens got a girlfriend!" And then there was that voice! where did that come from? No one teased him for having a girlfriend, he usually would tease Robert about his relationship with Abigail. The smell of cookies that knocked Dresden out of his thoughts. "That sounds like Whisper, maybe one of us should go and look for her? I don't think our father will be happy if we lost her."