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  1. I noticed I tend to shoehorn my disapproval of certain aspects of society in my posts recently. I need to work on that before it becomes an annoyance.

  2. Depends on where you live. I live in an area with a superior water system for the community so I'm fine either way. Bottled water is mostly for convenience sake.If you live in a place where the water is a weird color then get bottled, don't risk infections.
  3. Well, sort of. People mostly follow it for the lore and fan works. Other than that, the first game I did legitimately enjoy, the second game, I did not like very much at all, and I have not played the third game but it looks even more convoluted than the second and looks like it lacks the feel of the original although it does look a lot more scary. Overall, I'd say play the first game, then read up on the lore of it and the next games.
  4. Who here like to play DnD or Pathfinder? I cannot seem to find a topic for Ponyfinder, which is the ponified version of pathfinder.

    1. Mr Underhill

      Mr Underhill

      I'd LOVE to play...if I weren't so darn busy.

  5. Bi leaning towards women. We live in a time when people still care about things that are none of their business so I choose to not openly disclose.
  6. Ayy lmao MLP was invented by Satan and the Illuminati to distract us from the fact that jet fuel can't melt steel beams. I mean the signs are everywhere! Wake up, sheeple!
  7. So who here is a big fan of the Zelda series?

    1. Enemy Stand

      Enemy Stand

      I guess I am, more or less.

    2. Alpharius


      I'm sort of a fan

  8. I usually don't talk to anyone except for my friends and they know who I really am. Other than that, I'm very quiet and I remember in high school whenever I asked a question the room would be like "what? he can talk?!" Yes I can. Morons.
  9. I'm single and not ready to mingle. Never had a date, a few crushes here and there but never cared enough to really ask anyone out, the 5 or 6 girls that have asked me out, I've softly put down. Some think I'm asexual or gay for this because apparently it isn't possible to be straight and not want a relationship. The ignorance of most of society is part of what makes me this way I suppose. I just don't want to be tied down to anyone or deal with that type of drama. Oh wait, but apparently that's selfish? If I wanted to be with someone I'd just call up a friend.
  10. I play in a ponyfied Pathfinder campaign and this is my character, an earth pony Paladin of Celestia named Brave Hooves. Draw by a friend, I wish I could draw this well.
  11. I like to spend time with friends, take walks in secluded places and play DnD. I'd like to get started on writing fanfics but life gets in the way of that.
  12. I think this'll be my new forum of residence. Registered years ago but have never really used it.

    1. Thunderchild


      I've been on a lot of forums. I keep coming back here-there's a good feel to the place.

  13. Tough call. Then again it's kind of dumb to compare and say whether a pile of shit is worse than another pile of shit. These games just need to be forgotten.
  14. Because I enjoy the show, simple as that. The real mystery is why this series has me so hooked and active even though it isn't my favorite series. that honor belongs to legend of zelda and I'm not even quite as involved in that.
  15. Well for the first year and a half I was commuting for an hour everyday which was a pain in the flank for sure, but at least I didn't have the horrors of dorm life (or so people tell me it sucks). This semester I started living in student apartments with 3 other roommates, all of which are bronies I've known for almost a year who were tired of either commuting or living in dorms with random roommates. It's actually been pretty awesome for me, especially since we all get our own bathrooms and they went pretty wild with MLP posters in the living room lol.