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  1. Arylett Charnoa

    What other member does the user above you remind you of?

    How random. Taking a minor glance at the person above's profile, they remind me of a former moderator from long ago known as Devon. I don't know what name he goes by now though.
  2. Arylett Charnoa

    Visual Art Arylett's Aelita Crystal Thread

    Here are more things. Elemental Symbols of Aelita. We've got Ray, which is the fire/light/electricity element, Terra which is basically just your rocks, metals, and minerals, Reality which is time/space/existence and those sorts of things, Anima which is your mental brain element, Mist which is the water/darkness/ice element, Aero which is just... air, Nothing which is basically the opposite of Reality (non-existence, kinda, except not super literally), and Force which is your body life force element. The com/rare refers to the rarity of certain colors occurring in that element. Lunaris Adamantine, a main character in Aelita. A sort of draft design that I'm currently quite fond of. By the way, I know it doesn't come across well, but his feet are all covered in shoes. Completely. That'll be fixed in a more finalized design/less sketchy picture. Also, his "cape" is actually a part of his body. It is a pair of wings which he morphs into a cape so that they don't get in the way.
  3. Let's give this a try, eh? I have art for my original Aelita series, I want people to see. Here's two: The logo of the Aelita Crystal series. Kind of inspired by Final Fantasy. These symbols are basically for Impulse (physical) and Psyche (non-physical) abilities. One resembles a sword, the other a kind of generic flame. More later, folks, if sufficient interest is shown.
  4. Arylett Charnoa

    Mega Thread What is the poster above you known for?

    You're known for having a trichromatic avatar.
  5. Arylett Charnoa

    Why The Member Above You Is Awesome

    You're awesome for having a capitalized name.
  6. Arylett Charnoa

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    I want to show everyone my new hair. That includes you.
  7. Uh... no. The show has nothing to do with what I think of meat. I already had pre-existing thoughts. I still eat meat, although I'd rather avoid it. It certainly has some... disturbing implications to eat it. Not just about the conditions, but the fact that I ate something that is remarkably similar to me in structure and mental facilities... I mean, animals aren't sentient or anything, but they're closer to us than say, a plant. Sadly, I can't really. I don't have the financial resources to eat healthier than I already do. I try my best, but there is really little feasible way for me to get the protein I need without meat at this time. I sure do wish that these foods were easier to come by. I also wish that we could replace all real meat with synthetic replicas so that I could have that nice taste without feeling too guilty. I just hate beans and most protein-related foods that are not meat. @_@ Of course, I don't wish to demonize anyone who eats it. Eat whatever you want. It isn't my place to judge.
  8. Arylett Charnoa

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    3/10. I don't know what I'm looking at, exactly. It would typically be 0 for that (Which represents utter lack of opinion and confusion), but you get three points for good cropping and size.
  9. Arylett Charnoa

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    2/10. It's too small for the large sizes you can have on these forums. Also, it's a gif. I don't like gifs. And I don't particularly like the way Rainbow Dash looks in it either.
  10. Arylett Charnoa

    What Jokes offend you guys?

    Honestly, I am more likely to just find a joke to be stupid and pointless than be offended by it. I'll pretty much just not react to it and continue on my merry way if that happens. Of course, you can UPSET me with mean-spirited jokes. I tend not to like those very much most of the time, particularly if they are directed at me and picking apart my flaws. Anything that is personal to me will elicit a negative reaction. People making light of things I take very seriously is one sure-fire way to piss me off. The thing about me is that if my mind knows I'm not supposed to laugh at something, then I only want to giggle at it even more. So I actually laugh at ridiculously offensive jokes to others sometimes. Because I just can't help it. There are a lot of weird, dark things that I tend to find funny due to this.
  11. Arylett Charnoa

    Why The Member Above You Is Awesome

    You're awesome for having a name that makes me hungry for wheat.
  12. Arylett Charnoa

    How did you find your avatar ?

    So this one! This one, I drew up myself. She is an anthropormorphic Braixen, a Pokemon OC for a DA group and my Pokesona as well. Appearance based heavily on me. It's one of my new personal favorites, as it both reflects me and is in an art style I am satisfied with. Full image can be found here.
  13. Arylett Charnoa

    Visual Art Braixens! (Arylett's Non-Pony Art Thread)

    @@Odyssey, Ah, thank you again! Now more Braixen, in a different style and actually... FINISHED WORK FOR ONCE. Gasp. This style is probably the one I'll be using for my not-ponies from now on. This is the anthro version of the above Braixen. Except her name is Audrey Caines and she's for a specific DA RP: