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  1. haha B)

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    2. Nico


      The Skype chat incident was not remotely funny, Shad.

    3. Anachronous


      You need some serious work if you're going to attempt what you're trying to attempt.

    4. HomuraBL


      What happened in skpe?

  2. Well, morals can't be explained. Also, I feel like crapola

  3. Yes, he does. He can refuse to sell, and say the customer was rude, etc. He could do it to be racist, or he couldn't.Though, to a court, any minority crying "RACISM!" is right. No exceptions. Ever. Not even if their wrong.
  4. Ready to go to jail over a toy... Well, he does have the right to refuse to sell to anyone.
  5. Welcome to earf

    1. LunaShy
    2. Pony Joe

      Pony Joe

      Earf? Man, I thought this was nosef!


      *ba-dum, crash*

  6. Well, then that's the match up. Begin! (Somepony be a dear, and PM them)
  7. I wanna pollute the earth.

  8. Ooh, drama on da forums! Fight! Fight! Fight!

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    2. Doctor XFizzle

      Doctor XFizzle

      Fight?!? *grabs nearest user and slaps them* YEAH! BEAST MODE! I can fight but they can't hit me because I'm a girl!

    3. 1Fluttershy
    4. Plasmastorm X-15

      Plasmastorm X-15

      Im Wesker...i can do a anything...**Grabs Fizzelia & slaps her away to the nearest wall or Cabinet**

  9. CARNAGE! Yes, Carnage. He is the best possible villain. How can you argue with that awesomeness?