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  1. I don't really see too much of you anymore. :(

  2. I'm definitely more of a daytime person. there's nothing that I super love about night time. I sleep through most of it /: during the day it's warm and I can see and I'm still able to do stuff. at night I can barely keep myself awake long enough to care about any of the awesome night things.
  3. I don't think I've ever asked one of those good questions that makes the teacher think. I've always gotten more excited from figuring out a really hard math question. although, after two years of IB courses, I get excited if I understand anything at all.
  4. Angie Cakes

    Cup or Cone?

    why not both? I always order a bowl with a cone on top. and sprinkles, always sprinkles. though I'm more of a hardening chocolate with brownie and cookie dough bits type of girl.
  5. geh, I hate babies very much, especially when I'm related to them because that means I have to spend time with them D; if some random person's baby is crying, I don't care, not my problem. but if it's a baby I'm expected to look at with googly eyes, I can't take it. once they reach the age where they can start taking care of themselves a bit, they're cute. once they're old enough to have a conversation, I don't mind being around them. if the kid is being annoying, annoy the kid back. it's always worked for me.
  6. there's a restaurant out near my Granny and Papa's farm that I love called Ann's Cafe. there's nothing super special about the place, I just love it for nostalgia reasons. I used to go there every day when I visited my grandparents, and our trips out there usually lasted a month or so. favourite restaurant based on the food? hm, I'm not sure what the name of the place is, and I think it's long since closed down, but I ordered a hot dog there once, and it was the most amazing hot dog I had ever laid lips on ;~;
  7. if it's online, I'd rather be hated, but in real life I'd rather be ignored. on the internet, if someone hates you, all you have to do is block the person, or if worse comes to worse, find another similar website. it's not as easy to do that in real life. although, if the online hatred is similar to people hating Justin Beiber or Twilight, I'd rather be ignored I'm one of those people who get ignored by everyone, and in my padded life, that makes it the worst of my problems. if I've ever been hated by someone, then I'm completely unaware of it, and that's how I like it.
  8. I've never been super afraid of ghosts or anything, but the whole "don't talk to strangers" thing had been drilled into my head so hard, that I always thought that someone was likely going to break into my house and take me away. the closest thing to monsters that I had was a remote controlled car with a camera controlled by a guy who was scouting out the house before breaking in. it was same thing with fire safety. I was always freaking out that a fire would start while I was asleep. I did think there was a friendly ghost living in my house though, and sometimes I thought that my toys ca
  9. almost never, or at least I almost never actively think about them. I've surrounded myself with ponies for so long, that I hardly even notice them any more. sure I look at pictures and read discussions daily, but it's at the point where I forget what I'm doing is pony-related XD I dunno if that makes sense, but whatever.
  10. Angie Cakes

    Gaming Animal Crossing

    best game is best game :U Q-Why do you like it? because it is best game. also because it is amazing. and because I played it every day for five years when I was little, so it's probably the thing I have the fondest memories of, even if my parents did get mad at me for it. Q- What do you mostly do on it? fish. I love fishing in the game. quick and easy way to get rich, especially during summer mornings Q-What do you mostly like to do on it? add to the museum. I love listening to all the things Blathers has to say :3 Q-What animal do you hate? Twiggy, why won't you move? D:&l
  11. I don't trust pads nearly as much as I trust tampons. plus tampons are a lot more comfortable. too many bad experiences with pads, I just got fed up ;~; I use both, actually, so it's uncomfortable no matter what :l
  12. ah, probably either green or blue, since those are the two colours I wear the most. I also wear a lot of brown too, but I don't think I'd want to have brown magic XP
  13. Angie Cakes


    baw, I love shopping during Halloween. everything is black and orange. it looks kind of tacky, but I can't help but love it. also, very few things beat the dusty smell of Halloween decorations brought up from the basement for me. I wasn't allowed to go trick-or-treating without an adult until I was 15, and by then I was already getting turned away by people who only want to give candy to kids. more often than not, I'm the only one in my group of friends who wants to go trick-or-treating, but I usually end up the most disappointed with what I manage to get :I I usually trade away most
  14. Someone's gettin' Married :U HAPPY WEDDINGNESS DAY MANE AND MIREL also, do most people around here make a new topic for every drawing they do? I poked around the fan art section for a bit, and it seems most topics are only created for one drawing .−. I DUN LIKE THAT :U if that is the norm, imma go against it and upload all my arts to this topic here >:I unless someone tells me otherwise also there's a DA group :I to join or not to join? also, if I do join, does this topic serve me much purpose? ALL TEH QUESTIONS WILL THEY EVAR BE ANSWERED
  15. when I was in elementary, you weren't even allowed to use your fingers to help you do math. it all had to be done in your head. I forget the reason as to why exactly, but I always told myself that it was in case my fingers got cut off while chopping up food as an adult XD then I went to middle school, and suddenly it was required that all students had graphing calculators. it was quite the dramatic switch. I found that I relied heavily on the calculator at first simply because it was cool to use one for the first time, but now I can't do basic two digit multiplication or division without o
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