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  1. Yeah, that’s partially the genre, and partially just how GatoPaint’s voice sounds. It doesn’t just have an auto-tuned sound, it is very obviously auto-tuned.
  2. Do you mean the actual Angel’s voice at the end or the singer for the most song? Angel singing alone at the end once all the club nonsense was gone was my favorite part of it.
  3. I love the design of the characters and world, both visually and in terms of what they actually are. The scripts so far haven’t been very good though. Seems they’ve been trying to introduce every character and cram in every joke they could think of without having a coherent plot. Also, the tone so far seems to be less like actual evil demons and more adult for being an adult cartoon for its own sake. I am looking forward to new episodes though, from the preview with Octavia it seems some of the writing might have improved. I also don’t understand why they are doing a second series before the first one even has a second episode, the characters are different, but otherwise they seem pretty interchangeable.
  4. I don't know which forum this fits best, I'm putting it here because from what I've seen it appears to be the best fit. Anyway, one thing I find interesting about brony music is not just that there is some very good songs about horses, but in some cases the brony music scene ended up producing unique music, and it's musically unique BECAUSE it came from the brony music scene, it's not just that a musician with a unique style coincidentally happened to make a song about horses. The reason for this phenomenon is that the brony music scene is remarkably well connected, but also extremely diverse, leading to collaborations and fusions that otherwise would not happen. For example, I've noticed that brony industrial metal in particular tends to stand out from other industrial metal, and that's because it's roots are not in other industrial metal, but from metal musicians who were inspired by electronic artists within the brony community. The best example of such is Tarby, and here is one of the songs this influence can be heard best, particularly during the bridge: The thing is Tarby is not alone. Another good example is DivinumX's pop-tinged extreme metal. I think HeyLasFas also fits in the same sub-scene, whose album Destiny being an absolute masterpiece. Then there are several collaborations that push boundaries in similar ways, such as Breaking Bounds by Princewhatever. Reason I'm posting this is because I'm sure there is many more examples, but with my preference being towards metal my perspective is rather limited. I'm looking for more examples of musical innovation being driven by the brony music scene. I think the Brony Music Scene itself would be a good subject for a documentary, with the key point being that it's more than just songs about horses. Examples such as these provide a very convincing case that it is, and that's without going into all the friendships that formed.
  5. You still looking for help?
  6. Don't know about DSBM specifically, but black metal has been done. Here are some of the best examples:
  7. Night. If I do it in the morning I’d never get anywhere.
  8. Merry Birthiversary! 

  9. Hope things are doing well for ya, and have a happy birthday! :D

  10. Finally found this topic again. Have any of the letter videos been done?
  11. Open Up Your Eyes from pony movie, unfortunately it gets worse as it goes on.
  12. Is Nagini supposed to be Indonesian? If that’s the case than I finally get what she’s trying to get at (a Korean can pass of as an Indonesia much better than they could pass off as an Indian) though Nagini is definitely not an Indonesian name. It’s just the female form of naga, but unlike Sanskrit Indonesian doesn’t have gender. Indonesia has its own naga myths, they just evolved from those India, and evolved so they weren’t regarded as being half-human. The Indonesian variety also takes influence from native gods and Chinese dragons. India and China are huge cultural influences across all of South East Asia.