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  1. episode discussion

    In order for Braeburn to be Applejack's first cousin Bright Mac would have to have siblings. I'd hardly call Romeo and Juliet the original: Pyramus and Thisbe is MUCH older, it's one of the archetypical plots. It's not even that similar to Romeo and Juliet anyway.
  2. Someone else brought her home after the deceased parents were IDed. I think it's because depicting death explicitly is considered too frightening.
  3. spoiler

    I think it's just a shout-out, not foreshadowing, but we'll see soon enough.
  4. episode discussion

    If they are still alive, then they are presumed dead or at least spiritually dead to the family based on the language used throughout the episode. Much more likely that they are just dead. She never said it was intentional. I mean, yes, it was intentional, but it was meant to be to remember to vows, not for their children to remember them after they died young.
  5. The episode about opinions.
  6. Maybe they were on a trip that episode, Apple Bloom was born on the trip, the parents died in accident during the trip, but Apple Bloom survived?
  7. episode discussion

    This is the most touching little exchange I've seen on a forum, though I'd personally avoid using the same network space as my parents. Yeah, but do you honesty believe that's more likely than death when you see who they are?
  8. Every single one of your comments in this thread has been you being a Negative Nancy in response to someone else. A discussion is supposed to be two ways, you've yet to actually contribute anything. Also, did you see that episode?
  9. He was mentioned in the one with Flurry Heart.
  10. Man, what is your problem?
  11. Maybe we finally get to learn about Spike's origin?
  12. I guess technically they could have been sucked into another dimension or something and that would still make sense without them technically being dead, but they ded.
  13. Mane Seven, mainly because Starlight Glimmer restores balance to the force by possessing a horn, but lacking wings. On a more serious note, I think with the map calling Starlight in Royal Problem officially promoted Starlight to the same level as the Elements.