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  1. Wha? If I just wrote something from the games, then what would the point be? For your Emmy consideration: "... And there he is, right on schedule." The Doctor would utter smugly from his command chair within his latest weapon, the Siege Titan. The Doctor's glasses would flicker and gleam as he looked on at his monitor, swirling a glass of champagne in one hand, while resting his smirking head in the other, the monitor displaying the blue hedgehog that he was all too familiar with, smashing through his fleet of badnicks as if they weren't even there. All the while the Doctor simply grinned, as if he had already won. "Yes, that's right hedgehog. Run. Save your little friends while you can. Keep that smug little smile on your face for as long as you are able, soon you will fall. And when you do, the rest of your pathetic resistance will be sure to follow." With that, the Doctor lifted his head and gave a maniacal chuckle that would erupt into an uproarious laughter as he flipped a switch on his command panel, revealing a red button, the label below it read 'napalm missile rain.'
  2. Hmmm? Just saw that the OOC was created, looks like someone wishes to usurp me of my EggMoblie throne. If it's too late to join as Ivo, then I understand. But I throw my name into the running all the same.
  3. "Hmmm?" Tick was snapped out of the fascination over the fact that he had pockets when the pony that he halted the bolts of, began shouting at him."Uhh... Ooookay." The Tick, reacting to the rise in drama around the situation leapt from where he was to the ground near the injured pony and the plague masked pony, his landing's kinetic energy caused both of the ponies to be launched in the air, he then caught the injured pony and proceeded to disarm her of her weapon, easy enough considering her condition. "Easy girl, you'll poke someone's eye out." Tick said with a wink, he then lowered her down and proceeded to grind her bow to dust in his hands, "Sorry I had to do that, I might not have any business being here in this, place of ponies and red moons," Tick itched his head "But I'm here now, so now it is my business! It kinda brought me here against my will ya know?" Tick said nonchalantly as he faced toward the plauge masked pony, "Hey... Guy? Mind makin' sure she doesn't strain herself, she's kinda in bad shape, but I'm sure you know that, your a doctor! Spiffy!" Tick said before facing toward the evil clone of Light. "Ha! I barely know the meaning of the word surrender, villian!" The Tick said as he leapt from his position toward the evil clone of Light. "SPOOOOON!" Tick said before landing a few feet away from the the Evil clone. Just then "Whoa NELLY!" The Tick exclaimed as he looked on at the transformation, "Wow, any other wacky things you screwballs can conjure up?" The Tick said casually to the evil clone of Light.
  4. "Whoa hold on there missy!" Tick stepped in front of the bolt, it hit his thigh before bending and breaking under the force of the shot and the pointy tip was deflected off of Ticks blue suit, not even piercing it, "You let me worry about senior evil copycat... Er, horse... Thing over there, after all, I am a professional super hero, see?" The Tick reached into his pocket and pulled out his hero license to show, but was then immediatly startled by something so much that he exclaimed, "OH MY GOD!" Tick had an amazed look on his face, and could barley contain his excitement.
  5. "Trollface You are the classic, annoying yet funny troll. People either love you or hate you, there really isn't much in between. When you're not pissing people off, you enjoy a good cup of coffee and reading Trolls Monthly magazine to brush up on your trolling tactics." Yeah, that's about right.
  6. So A Link Between Worlds comes out in two days, and the new season of MLP is one day after that? If life were any sweeter right now, I'd have diabetes.

  7. The Tick listened as best he could to the Alicorn as he explained that his name was light, and that he was the leader of a gathering of heroes, he also listened very intently to his discription of his dark doppelgänger and his face lit up when he brought up noble cause and then asked who he was, so much so he forgot about the cloaked pony entirely and stood as tall and as heroic as he could before announcing who he was. "Who am I?" The Tick began, smiling as wide as he could, "I'm the big blue nightlight of Justice that keeps the forces of evil, darkness, and not-too-pleasent things at bay, so that the child that is The City might know a good nights rest, I am the warning sign that evil must read and think twice about driving down the road of villainy and badness, I am the one, and only, Tick!" Tick stood stoically, having introduced himself he then set his sights on the evil Light, "Alright buster, the game is up!" Tick exclaimed with an acusatiory point of his index finger, "I know your game, evil-doer! So I offer you this one and only chance to give up and knock off all that evil!" Tick said as he took a heroic fighting stance, yet still had a big goofy grin on his face, "Or, keep to your bad ways and face the unconquerable might of, The Tick!" Tick finished his monologue and waited for the clone's response.
  8. "Assassin?" Tick's feelers perked up, "ya mean like ninjas?" Tick turned toward the cloaked Pegasus (Unishar) his face lit up in a smile. "I think I can handle this Pinkamena without having to kill her, I've taken on plenty of ninjas in my day, so many that I think they don't exist anymore, where I come from anyway." The ticks' brow formed a puzzled look, "Never did see why people got so scared of 'em, they're kinda weenies." Tick looked to the feuding ponies again, the twin alicorns, the tick leaned in toward Unishar and said, "By the way, I'm The Tick..." He held his hand out to shake Unishar's hoof, but kept his stare on the two Alicorns, "What's the deal with these two? They wake up on the wrong side of the stable or what?" Tick ended, his hand still out stretched.
  9. "Hmm..." Tick saw that his thoughtful words of togetherness was lost on the two feuding ponies, seeing as they had teleported out of his friend hug just to attack each other once more. He heard dark forces and a smile crept over his masked face cause he knew that there was evil somewhere in dire need of a Justice sandwich, with all the trimmings. However he glanced to where he heard crying and saw a pony that had been felled by something he hadn't seen. He walked over and looked down at the dead pony... He stood there, he knew that the situation was sad, but like a child, he had no real grasp of the concept of death, but the sight still bummed him out. "... So, what happened?" Tick said somberly to the crying rainbow colored pony.
  10. Well if that were the case then I couldn't be The Tick either, granted I'm referencing the cartoon version of The Tick, he also started as a comic.
  11. Yeah but I think he means Spider-man from his most recent t.v. Show, Ultimate Spider-man which has no connection with the comics other then the characters. Also if he ment Ultimate Spider-man from the comic run, he'd be dead. No fun playing as a corpse I'd wager.
  12. Then the best way to get people to see is to keep posting here so that more people can see the title. *collapses from holding breath*
  13. The Tick shot his gaze to the cloaked figure again, and asked, "Did... Did you just talk to me?" He then turned to see another pony yell in his direction telling him to get down "Whoa, you ponies can talk? Neat! Eh?" He then noticed that the pony was fighting one that looked identical to him. "Hmmm... Didn't figure ponies had too much to fight about." Tick muttered to himself as he walked closer to the bladed fray. Completely fearless, "Hey guys c'mon, enough horsing around." Tick stood before the two squabbling ponies and picked them up by their manes, "That's enough of the business from both of you." The Tick said to both holding them out in front of him. "C'mon, you guys are ponies ya don't need all this fighting, now come on," Tick then brought the two ponies in close in a vice grip-like embrace, that although he wasn't squeezing, there was no escape from. "Let's hug all those aggressions out, then make up and be friends! Won't that just be keen?" The Tick said in a typical superhero talking down to disobedient children sort of way. "Oh yeah, what's wrong with the moon, it's all red and... Doesn't have a bite taken out of it." The Tick asked the pony bundled in his right arm.
  14. Shway, how many have to join before the RP can get started? Cause I don't think this one's been getting much attiention.
  15. Tick managed to get up and dust himself off. Shaking rubble out of his ears he turned toward whom appeared to be a cloaked pony in a mask, treating the wounds of another pony that appeared injured. "Whoa, talk about a close shave..." The Tick looked back to the masked pony, "That's some get for a horse..." The Tick put his hands to his hips and took a look around, noticing the rest of the ponies as well as the blood red moon. "Huh... This is like something out of a Dracula movie!" The Tick exclaimed to no one in particular, "except with, ya know... More ponies." The Tick shrugged and gave a goofy grin. The Tick then held his hands in a cone form over his mouth. "Heeeey people! Ya left your ponies unattended! Also your moon's all red n' evil lookin'! What's up with that!" The Tick shouted, the drama around the current situation making him stronger and able to yell louder as a result.