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  1. Ah yes the CN City era, I loved the bumpers when that was up. Perhaps my favorite of all the bumpers was the Teen Titans one, specifically the one that depicted the Titans Tower. Some of my favorite shows from this era were Ed, Edd, n' Eddy, Teen Titans, and Codename Kids Next Door.
  2. My favorite dips include Sweet and Sour, Barbecue, Honey Mustard, Ranch, and Cheese. For Tortilla Chips, I prefer Cheese, Salsa, or onion flavored dip.
  3. To be honest here, I feel that this is the best RP i've been on this site since 2013.
  4. @Randimaxis@Illiad Easle@Blitz Boom While observing what was drawn before their eyes, Bloom took careful note of the figures, along with the background. First, the one on the left, "A boulder......wait...could that be, Blackwater Vault? That bears a great resemblance to it, or is that really it? And that stallion, I have a feeling that I've seen him before...that mane...and mustache....could that be?" And then she felt like she struck gold when she figured it out "In the manor....the portraits....no way....is that Horace Blackwater? Is that his name? He does resemble the stallion in the portrait....It could be him, or that could be a doppelganger." She thought, before piecing it together "But why is he in front of the vault? Wait....this doesn't make any sense...he wasn't around when the vault existed...he was...oh......yes...I remember, the vault was created from the boulder...from which the boulder had.....yes, I get it now, it most likely is Horace, that was his name is it not?" She thought, "Well, I guess I owe it all to Master Dax for his "history lessons", if it weren't for him, I wouldn't have come to this conclusion. Some say his talk about his ancestors is boring in the least, but I thought it's facinating." Next, Bloom turned her attention onto the one opposite of Horace. He too was somepony that she had seen before, also a portrait in the manor, seen with an zebra mare. Despite having decent knowledge of the Blackwater ancestry, Bloom had difficulty trying to name the other, but she felt that she has it at the back of her mind "I can't quite come up with who he was...but I know that he was a Blackwater. Okay, so why is he there? Does he have something against Horace?" She then stood there, pondering on what she was seeing.
  5. An idea for a banner:


    1. Tacodidra


      As a Rarity fan, I'd love to see this become a real banner! :D

  6. I've been scooping and spreading with a spoon all my life, it's easy spreading it with the backside of the spoon. Though getting that stuff onto the bread might be difficult, but I guess that's where the knife comes in?
  7. @Randimaxis@Illiad Easle@Blitz Boom Bloom spent some time glancing around her surroundings, making sure that everypony was here, but then noticed that Mystic was missing again "Oh please, not again!" She thought before turning back just to spot her at a bench, together with Blitz "Well, That's a relief, thank goodness." As soon as she appoached the two, she heard their conversation When Bloom got closer, she observed Mystic doing a ritual that seemed a bit familiar to her. "Oh right, it's usually Zebras that communicate with the spirits. Never thought I'd see such thing again ever since one such zebra came to Canterlot to exhibit such thing. Though, I can't really remember much, since that was so long ago, but I thought that was fascinating. Enough of that, I need to be there for them." After arriving, she was about to say something, but instead, looked at what was being drawn "Oh my.." She thought, before trying to figure out if this was related to what just happened now "Hmm, that shows that there might be a riot going on, could that be the source of the scream we just heard? Celestia forbid that to be it, we cannot allow such thing to spill over to the premises, for it will have such catastrophic consequences." She then turned to Dax, then nodded before she replied "Yes master, I kind of have a bad feeling about this. I'll stay here to keep watch, you may leave when ready."
  8. I hate any ads about mobile games that pop up on the Youtube videos I watch. Though, there are some ads from businesses in my area, they're not anywhere as terrible as the mobile games.
  9. You think I'd be leaving this site? No, I'm not.

    Why am I not leaving? Because I hardly ever pay attention to anyone, unless they interact with me. It's not worth my time to argue with someone on the internet. And if someone ever bothers you, just report them, and you're done. That way, you wouldn't be wasting time getting into a worthless argument.

    Honestly, pointless and/or terrible topics were what made me leave this site back then. I never really left the site, but I just needed a break (Plus I was following friends around on another site). Then I came back, and I found some wonderful new faces here. At first, I felt like an outcast when I came back, but I was surprised that most accepted me like a new friend, and I-..No, we would not like that energy be ruined by the negativity that's spreading around this site right now.

    1. ShadOBabe


      P R E A C H

    2. Lord Midnight Madness

      Lord Midnight Madness

      Your always welcome here man don’t let the haters make you leave.

  10. Flow

    Ask Love Bloom

    "Great question! My cutie mark symbolizes my love of caring for ponies, something like caring for the needy by being of aid. It certainly does not mean that I have talent in nursing, as most would think of at first. (I can not stand the sight of blood actually)"
  11. Flow

    Ask Love Bloom

    "Oh Hey there! Um...My pen-pal Flow recommended that I start one of these um...ask pony topics, only because she said it was fun, and that it would help me connect with other ponies. My name is Love Bloom, and I love helping out anypony in need, and I probably might help you in this topic as well! (Is that a Win-Win? Probably..) I look forward to talking with you all!" Rules: Anything NSFW is not allowed here.
  12. @Randimaxis@Illiad Easle@Blitz Boom Bloom nodded as she listened to Blitz "Well, I guess that's one way to put him in his place. Unlike him, it appears that Blitz plans, and takes great care in whatever thing she does, pranks included I guess," In time, she was beginning to enjoy the company of Blitz being around, and took note of that. "She's so full of energy, and she's easy to get along with. A cannon huh, well if you can build that, then I can see why Silver took you in as her protege, though even if it's hard to believe, I'll still take your word for it, that you're a genius. You brim with an energy that makes everypony smile, and you would always stand up for yourself in the face of bullying, I like that," She thought, while smiling as the four continued on their way. "As you wish, right behind you master," Bloom replied with a sense of loyalty in her tone of voice. In actuality, Bloom really wanted to go back to the manor, but because the scream they heard had piqued her curiosity, and because it's a direct order from a Blackwater, Bloom complied and followed along.
  13. Probably Primarina, but before that, it was Typhloshion.
  14. 5 Minute Crafts, and any of it's other channels. Most of the things they do in those videos are either fake, or even dangerous, in fact they can fool an innocent child into doing those things for the sake of monetization.