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  1. Good day today :D :D :D

  2. Steam group chat is empty at the moment. Let's change that.

  3. Hi. I just came by to say that your avatar is really creepy imo. That is all. Bye.

  4. Well, like I said, they're a casual and they don't have a juggernaut PC. So it's not really pickiness. D:
  5. I'm pretty much looking for games that don't take a uber-powerful computer to run, like Cave Story+ and Offspring Fling! and whatnot. That and the person in question is kinda a casual. I should clarify in the OP.
  6. Dunno if you're bein' serious or not. The person in question doesn't like FPSes anyway.
  7. Those aren't the kind of games the person in question likes.
  8. So, recently, a person I know has gotten started on Steam, but the problem is, they've only got a single game. I want to be nice and change that. I know people frequently end up with spare keys from indie bundles like the Humble Indie Bundle, because, well, they already have one or two of the games that come on them. So, I'm willing to trade stuff I have for any spare keys (except for Nightsky). That stuff can be various TF2 items like Refined and hats, Steam trading cards, and other stuff I might have laying around my inventory. If you've got a spare key gathering dust, I'll trade stuff for it. Edit to clarify because I forgot to: Looking more for low-system-requirement indie games. Cave Story+ for example.
  9. Honestly, this is kinda stretching it. Darkness-causing villains, groups of six heroes, power-granting treasures, jealousy as a motive are all extremely common in fiction. An interesting observation, but almost certainly coincidental. It's like when people swear up and down that songs match with certain movies because things happen to line up. Kind of related...
  10. should lit a FATTIE on the MAGMARS bro