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  1. Happy birthday Neikos :)

  2. Well that was quite quick, probably just as quick as the lazy brown fox that jumped over a quick black doberman? Something like that.
  3. o/ Everyone

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      \o Back to you. :3

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    Tu parle les francais?

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      Oui je parle Francais

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      Ah, c'est bien parce que je suis francais~

  5. Where in the nine hells did you get that avatar, Neiko? Do you know the artist? Is it comms?

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      Found it on /mlp/ so nope, I have no idea where it comes from, Sowwy

  6. Afaik you can have a wireless mod for it, do you use that? All the drivers installed? USB 3.0 ?
  7. "Celestia thank you", I told the mare that had appeared in the door frame. Her fear being only short lived I soon got a towel to clean and dry myself, which I promptly did before entering. The weather wasn't really nice right now. "Thank you for the towel, and yes, treating the scratches would be really nice. I almost poked my eyes out due to the darkness... The rain is really heavy tonight." I chuckled and shrugged it off. I didn't realize yet that the rain might be a bit more violent. "I am Neikos!", I then suddenly continued, "Who do I have the pleasure of talking with?" As I awaited her reply I would look around the kitchen. It was fairly space, actually the whole house seemed to be spacious which kind of strikes me odd as why would somepony need such a large house out here. I quickly shrugged that thought off and continued drying my hair. Obviously my hair was completely ruined and looked more like green rags rather than the precious coiffure I had. There also seemed to be several more ponies next door, I would ask about those at a later time.
  8. Note to self. No afternoon naps if you haven't slept the night before. They tend to take a lot of time. Oh and also, not outside in the woods. But it's too late now to know this. I actually got woken up by the rain. It's light knocking soon turned into battering as the drizzle transformed into a torrent of water pouring from the skies. As I was still sleep drunken I got up, trying to orient myself. Usually I use the mountains, but this rain made it impossible to see further than a few hooves in front of you. My next strategy was then known landmarks. I had a few scattered around. Thinking I saw the nearby river I walked towards it. It was then when I got surprised by a thunder which got a shriek out of me. It also disoriented me as I ran for the next closest small tree. It didn't matter though in hindsight, if I had gotten struck by lighting it would have been too late anyway. And I was already soaked, so this tree didn't really protect me from anything. It was starting to get cold and I felt that. My knowledge not working right now I had to do the worst thing possible of course. Run around, hoping to find something I recognize. My luck was still here though as I ran head first into a branch which threw me right back. Great. Now I had bruises and I think one was bleeding a little. I tried to not touch it with my muddy hooves. No need to risk an infection. The rain should wash it out a bit and as soon as I find some civilization I could get it disinfected. It was then where I turned around. Squinting my eyes I saw light. I instantly panicked, "Was that a Fire?!" instead of turning around I would run towards it. Making sure to not go nearby any trees who could sneakily put a branch in front of me I finally got to the light. I then realized that it was actually a house. What was it doing around here? I didn't know this part of the forest, else I wouldn't be here. So naturally I didn't know of this house. I still found it weird to build here. Either way it seemed that there was somepony home. I hoped they would be welcoming, so I knocked at the door trying to not put too much dirt on it. "Anypony Home?" I then took a few steps backwards and hoped that my scratched face wouldn't scare them at this hour. I did have a feeling that the moment the door opens a lightning bolt would ascend behind me, illuminating my back and giving me a theatrical entry worthy of a comic villain.
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  10. So currently I am hosting a Minecraft server. It got 10 slots. It's pretty chill and just for building what ever you want. The mod pack is Feed the Beast Ultimate ( latest version ). So once you got that join us on:
  11. I'm more into Maths and Physics than Computer Science. I do use algorithms a lot though to help me ( in some way ) by visualizing or conjecture something.
  12. Vizen was smart, a bit too much for her own good it seems as she tends to over think a lot of trivial matters. But this was different. For here the outcome of their discussion was a life or death situation. Not necessarily for her as Arcanel will probably soon discover. As she saw Arcanel's reaction Vizen chuckled softly, she knew this reaction very well. Most of the ponies she now works with had a similar one. She then listened to what he had to say. Nodding along the way when she agreed or just felt that it was appropriate. The remark about the Pentans named made her raise an eyebrow but she did not comment on it. "A pony of reason, hm?", she repeated after Arcanel, citing him. "Only time will tell.", she paused for a brief moment, "So you want to know more... I can give you a bit more. But let's continue to our destination, time is cutting short." She would lead them to door and open it with her magic. Whether that was required or not is not immediately clear. "But let me take away one preconception right away. We do not need trust. You can go about and start shouting what I just told you. Chances are they will imprison you so you won't speak. You could tell them I told you all of this. But they probably already know, and that's why they want to find me." As you pass by a table you could see the newspaper of today on it. Only the frontpage was visible, but on it you could see what seems to be a hole in a house. The source is not clear from the picture, but the title immediately gives it away: "Suicide or Murder? Pony blows up in mysterious case." It then tells to go to page 4 to continue reading. You wouldn't have the time to do so though as Vizen just continues down a hallway. This compound seems to be large... Vizen then stopped in front of what seems to be a whiteboard. "Okay, let me explain you how Pentagons work. We don't have much time so it's a bit watered down." Using her marker she would start to draw a perfect circle, then inside, a pentagon. A regular one. "I am pretty sure you know what this is. For the most basic things a regular pentagon suffices. Then you write the five elements next to each corner." The marker would fly to the board and write down "Fire", "Earth", "Air", "Water", "Power". "Using magic or powered objects you can create or transform other objects. It sounds a bit like alchemy but it's all a bit different. Mostly because an Unicorn is needed somewhere in the chain.", she paused, "Which is also why most of the generals so long ago were Unicorns." Letting all this sinking in. "The most interesting bit is that you can go from Element to another with no cost. So most of the Generals used this to transform some of their Water into Power ten-folding their Magical Power. Of course nobody told this ever to anyone outside of a small circle of confidants so this got all forgotten and at most is a myth." Vizen would now look towards Arcanel. "This here is the most powerful invention known to Ponykind, and thus the most dangerous one. But it is not done yet. You can do so much more than what they did centuries ago. Unicorns aren't the only ones capable of using it. Magic is still required though, but there are many sources." She seemed to be completely enthusiastic about all this, she probably discovered this property. "The details are not important for you right now. Let's get ready.", with that said she would erase the figure she drew and turn towards another hallway. "I want you to keep calm. Experiments are being run and interrupting one can have... devastating results." She then disappeared inside it.