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Everything posted by Solace

  1. Hey everypony!!!!! I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. hariyaMakusu2


      Hey! I've missed you :D

  2. Goodnight everypony. I love you all and i hope you all have pleasant dreams, good days and wonderful lives :D

    1. Techite Sparkle

      Techite Sparkle

      ^-^… well thanks. You too ^-^

    2. Malinter


      likewise for yourself :)

  3. Can't wait for the schools Christmas concert on tuesday :D :D :D, i'm playing my alto saxophone :D

    1. Solace


      The music teacher at my school says" when you hate the song, and your perfect at it, we will move on" we were doing oh canada, amazing grace, dona nobis pachem and the tempest for two months

    2. Solace


      but for the concert were doing:

      1) let it snow

      2)santa clause is coming to town

      3)winter wonderland

      4)carol of the bells

      5)jingle bell rock

      6)we wish you a merry christmas

    3. Standard User

      Standard User

      Hmm...I know we're doing some space-themed piece called Andromeda. We also normally do The Nutcracker (it is a tradition in my town, with community members invited to play along with us) but the new teacher wants to start a "new" tradition with Sleigh Bells. Y'know, the one with the horse whinny at the end? Yeah, the altos get to play a bunch of notes a couple lines above the staff as the melody. We have about 8 altos (three in advanced band and four/five in beginning. Too man...

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  4. Can't wait for the schools Christmas concert on tuesday :D :D :D, i'm playing my saxaphone

  5. Can't wait for the schools Christmas concert on tuesday :D :D :D, i'm playing my saxaphone

  6. Can't wait for the schools Christmas concert on tuesday :D :D :D, i'm playing my saxaphone

  7. i got fallout, fallout two and fallout tactics for FREE!!!

  8. Goodnight everypony. i love you guys, and i hope you sleep well, have great days and be the best you can be

  9. my reaction
  10. 9/10 i know you from some where...
  11. ugh. if, else and elif statements have me stumped x(

    1. Solace


      def greater_less_equal_5(answer):


      return 1


      return -1


      return 0


      print greater_less_equal_5(4)

      print greater_less_equal_5(5)

      print greater_less_equal_5(6)



      this is specificly what i'm haveing trouble with (don't judge me i'm 14 and on my second day xD)

    2. Swick (ded)

      Swick (ded)

      I'm fourteen too XP


      ... After looking at your code, I have determined that I have no idea how Python works. :D

    3. Solace


      i started with html, but quickly ditched that for python

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  12. yes, it should . but all in all good job
  13. so is it considerd obsession when you have 16 GB of photos and videos of your best friend/crush?

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    2. Techite Sparkle

      Techite Sparkle

      My crush was my phones lockscreen wallpaper a few months ago... anyway. Of your using a 16gb card and that's all that's on there... then maybe. I could fit arount 3-4 full length blu-ray qual movies on there so I'm kinda wondering what elsw is on there (I be creepin)

    3. Solace


      well there is also some fan fiction of him on there...

    4. Solace


      but mostly photo and video

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  14. i have a feeling we wouldn't get along that well.... xD and to stay on topic i'm bi and are completely and utterly obsessed and in love with my best friend
  15. i would love it if it was rule63, but it is still really good and well done
  16. goodnight everypony :D :D :D i love you guys.