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  1. You know, Hot Dogs get a bad wrap. They got a cool shape, they got protein... You ponies like hot dogs, right? Discuss?
  2. Overrated - Scootaloo, OCs, Luna, Trixie, Lyra Underrated - Braeburn
  3. and Hotmail MyOpera, Yandex, Yahoo, and Excite in the past.
  4. I consider myself pansexual, as gender means absolutely nothing to me. This relates to everything else too. One produces sperm and one produces egg, nothing else should really be applied to the genders, I suppose. This does not mean I'm advocating for 'Pansexual' to be an option in the polls, it's more of an identity than a 'legitimate sexual orientation'. However, the human mind can be so intricate sometimes that oversimplification of any aspect, such as sexual orientation, isn't universally applicable. I'm notably lacking at properly describing anything or conveying whatever may be in my mess of a mind, or in portions of it. xP Edit: I, frankly, will merely use 'pansexual' as a term for other people to go with, I'm moreso for "gender means absolutely nothing in any conceivable way."
  5. A place similar to Fluttershy's, I suppose.
  6. I was a notable fan of Bionicle Chronicles, the first 'season' of Bionicle (2001 - 2003). Possessed well-nigh every figure (was lacking in Rahi o_O), the books, a couple of the video games, possibly the comics (the only legitimate comics I've may of ever read), the first movie, miscellaneous discs (example: music, mini-CDs on the Barraki, something on the Bohrok), miscellaneous books, miscellaneous pamphlets, stickers, a Makuta Halloween costume, miscellaneous anything. Additionally, I was a frequent on the website and the Mata Nui Online Game, learnt the Matoran Language, and harnessed a solid and vast knowledge of it. That's to address a majority of it, I assume. This merely applied to the first season, though. The second one (or subsequent ones) didn't interest me, which I was surprised at. For Non-Bionicle - Lego Island, Lego Racers, Lego Rock Raiders, A few long-lost games on their website, and random legos at a relative's house (not to any significant extent)
  7. Windows 7, a notable improvement over XP, or my specific XP. I disliked my XP to such an extent that I preferred my Windows ME over it. (Nothing against that OS.) In contrast to Macs, Windows appear to have superior performance, options, compatibility, and a large majority of other things. I have no experience and infinitesimal knowledge of other operating systems.
  8. One who criticizes the second season, adores the first season, and is spectating the actions/behaviour/etc of a portion of the fandom, I suppose.
  9. Perhaps not when she was initially born, but naturally developed in the first year of her life or so?
  10. I suppose Mathematics/Algebra would have to be my favourite. Regardless, I still favour(ed) Pre-CTE, Science, Social Studies, and Health. Least Favourite would have to be English. I eschew from addressing anything as a waste of time. It's an abused term, but that class is truly a waste of every student's time. Notable Edits have been applied to this post, if that's okay. ^-^