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  1. I'm not sure I can say that I know that feel since I don't think I look young myself. Though I am a bit envious of those that do look young. P.S. To be honest, you'd make a great applejack Dunno if freckles adds to the country girl look but you look like someone that would pull it off great
  2. Edit: Ha. thought this was gonna be a incredibly dumb statement. disregard last statement. Though like to state: This thread is silly.
  3. Thanks for the input, I've forgotten about the sudden drastic change of the city without any explanation, so that's another issue I'll have to tackle. I do plan on elaborating more on the relationship of the protagonist and parents and also a better narration is in order. That phrase would have worked better after dashie left and he broke down to tears. Then stating this was the first time he cried since his parents' death. THAT would've worked better. Though one thing I'll mention: I will be throwing out the ending explanation where celestia and mane six suddenly appear out of the blue. That part and explanation was the story killer and couldn't think up of a more concrete explanation without it sounding placed in. So, I'm going in a different approach with the departure and giving a more metaphorical ending to her leaving rather than having celestia blatantly showing up. Also, for some reason, every time I read the premise, I listen to the godfather theme with it and it sounds even better.
  4. Writing

    So, you're a pinkie pie inside a fluttershy's body? How odd Though not to go too deep but even you might miss socializing and being acknowledged as part of a group, its part of what man's want, social interaction with their own unless it breaks down their other states of the body (mental/physical/emotional). To put it simply: doesn't the loneliness get to you, I know your feel if you do. Wished I visited Russia and its vast culture. Too bad America slaps everything here relating to communism or its past with a outdated McCarthyism propaganda sticker. (Metaphor)
  5. Writing

    To be honest, not to sound rude but it sounds like a poem about submissiveness and submitting to isolationism and solitude in your shell. To put it simply, this poem is a metaphor for this: Though, elaborate the meaning more, I'm a bit interested in what your view that you meant to show in this poem.
  6. Update: I've been giving some effort and time, but I just wanted to share this with you all that I've been busy on making some "revisions" on the story to help refine it more and help it grow. Also I need you input to this so here's a simple rundown of my revision ideas: Premise: An emotionally weak and spineless low level office employee discovers the impossible that transforms him to a protector, leader, guardian and father. Possibilities: Growing to fatherhood True masculinity Deep father-daughter relationship Premise Questions: What if have the main character drastically change through the story f from a weak spineless irresponsible young man to a stoic strong willed assertive leader. What if there is a t parallel of fathering between the main character and his father and events during that time. What if you took the basic father-daughter story and create a deep metaphor Problem and challenges: Creating foreshadowing to subtly hint events in the story via dreams. To metaphor dashie as a personification of optimism in the lowest points of a person's life. Emphasize his character transformation as he rises drastically through the company ranks. Designing Principle: Use the impossible situation as a metaphor for teaching the new male generation ways to become and transform to a true man and father. Best Character Idea: A young man working as a low level employee for a bureaucratic office of a company (Box, ha.) and recovering from loss of parents. Conflict: Main character must fight himself and his emotions to be the strong father dashie needs. Cause and Effect: When discovering the impossible, an inexperienced young man and father is forced to adapt to give the fatherly love he never received as a child. Character Change: Weakness: emotionally weak and spineless, impoverish Action: Discovers and adopts dashie as a daughter Change: Assertive, responsible, strong willed and stoic father. Moral Choice: Giving up his “daughter” to live a free life or resist to protect her. (a bit obvious choice there) Audience Appeal: (Up to you now!) Me: enticing yet requires refining. Of course this part is for you to answer, from what you've read, is this something you would love to pick up and read or there are some things that doesn't feel right at all?
  7. pony for a day. make cupcakes with pinkie pie or help animals with fluttershy
  8. Need your input, please help! :(

  9. 50+20%/100 for rainbow dash avatar
  10. Pegasus. I always felt free whenever I was able to just lift off the ground and go to great heights and get such great scenery. Funny though, since I'm also afraid of heights.
  11. 5.5/10 for apple jack fan Nothing personal, I just don't find applejack's personality that enjoyable. sorry sugarcube.
  12. 20/10 for luna avatar. The rating has doubled!
  13. The closest thing I can think of is that I was talking with my sister about something and there happened to be a thumbtack sitting upright and didn't even notice it. I was barefoot during the time and when I took another step, it punctured the middle of my foot pretty hard and boy did that hurt. Also, this happened to me twice. Also I hoped you were quick to compress the wound and went to the ER after, Jaded.
  14. I sympathize with you and into making this thread. Even before I accepted to being a brony I always felt the notion that the fandom integrity was already deteriorating. One thing that I have to point out and cannot be denied, "Love and tolerate" has been fully demoted to a plain brony variation of YOLO and this saddens me. I could be wrong, but the phrase was possibly meant to be kinda like a philosophy in that in situations where most people would spit more than a spitting cobra yet a brony would handle in a completely mature and manly manner, kinda like chivalry. However, now that the phrase is easier said than done, it lost all meaning and again, fades into a YOLO. I also agree with your complaint in how most people are forced to conform to the majority opinion of certain topics and things. Even I thought MLD was written pretty poorly in substance and fully understood those that had the same opinion. However, those who rather conform seem to majorly outweigh those who criticize something not to demean it but rather as a way to see it improve better, grow bigger. I want to state though that the behaviors of bronies also seems to be deteriorating. I'm not trying to insult anyone here in the forum, but after witnessing several other bronies throughout the internet, their personalities and social behaviors seems subnormal and I have to admit, insufferable. Other than that, the last thing I have to add is your comment on the people reacting to the "I'm leaving" threads. Now, I'll admit if it was say someone who only lasted a good 3 months, I wouldn't react much. Not to be rude, but they probably leave little impact on the forum from their departure. However, if someone significant say a high ranked member decided to leave after years of being a member, then I'd say it would be rather appropriate to react that way.
  15. Visual Art

    It looks quite good but however, not to sound nit-picky, but the motion of the animation seems off. What I mean that it seems to lack emphasis on its movement with those lines that help illustrate movement better. It would help if you added some as the animation bounces right back to ground like someone wearing spring shoes.