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  1. This face is cuteness explosion worthy. I dub thee Cuteness Combustion.
  2. Kyoshi

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned because you haven't changed your profile pic in the last 5.3892 seconds.
  3. The world is majority populated by horrible people. Treat your friends like precious treasures because that's exactly what they are in a world like this. 

    1. Millennium Shadow

      Millennium Shadow

      You're a treasured friend to me, Yoshi. :wub:

    2. Sparklefan1234
    3. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      There's always a little light in the darkness, and I hope your friends can be just that for you. :)

  4. Kyoshi

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banny McDanny for not being a Fanny Nanny.
  5. Eh, way I see it, if that gives lesser known Canadian voice actors a bigger spotlight then that's a lot better anyways. Way better than a bunch of over-priveleged murican celebrities.
  6. Could be quicker to get them but I'm sure they can get anyone regardless of location.
  7. I don't think the series being produced in Canada affects what voice actors they can get. "Murica" isn't the end all be all location of production.
  8. Any signature I make can be used by anyone, credit or no.
  9. Now I'm not saying I love Hitch, but I love Hitch. 💙 He is a super cute pone boi. :3
  10. I went to Deeny's with me dad. Was super good stuff. I had chicken strips with fries. :3
  11. I actually love the way this looks. G5 is off to a much better start than I would've imagined. I just hope it keeps this momentum. I want to see more positive towards it.
  12. Wah, skype is being weird today. :/

    1. Kyoshi


      Hm...Would you say that Skype is being stinky? :P

  13. The price of a certain thing of mine (those who know me well know what I mean) went up at some point. That suuuuuucks. Tis expected I suppose. The company did message me back and said they hope to drop to regular pricing in the near future which is nice. For now, my fixed income is a little more bleh.
  14. Ich möchte die Welt zerreißen Sie stück für stück zergleißen An meinen leben seißen Und Todesstarken sinn Ich habe Leid besessen Und mehr dazu wie viel Ich hab den Sinn vergessen Und weiß ganz viel Reanimat animat So sind wir Reanimat animat Das ist wahr Reanimat animat So sind wir Reanimat animat Die Welt ist hier
  15. This is another German favorite of mine. :3



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    2. Kyoshi


      Are those common? :o I didn't know that! Sounds neat. :3 

    3. Sven Seelenherz

      Sven Seelenherz

      It might be kinda similar the amount of Anime that get translated to english. I especially liked the time when I was young, there were so many great Anime on TV! I still listen to the music, such as the Pokémon Opening. :)

    4. Astral Soul

      Astral Soul

      They made a lot of German translated Anime songs for openings and others xD Indeed there were really great ones among them. One reason why animes got so loved in the 90s and early 2000s in Germany

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