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  1. Hopefully you still visit from time to time. Happy birthday, Dimitri. :)

  2. Nietzsche once said: Without music, life would be a mistake...

  3. Ukraine is becoming more and more crazy

  4. I have to admit, that "In Our Town" song is really catchy.....

    1. Dark Qiviut

      Dark Qiviut

      That's partly what makes its creepiness so deceptive. It's a tune you want to him into, but the hidden context provides a really dark picture.

    2. Dimitri Hammer

      Dimitri Hammer

      I like how they delved into the theme of equality and talked about the weird monarchy thing that is happening in Equestria. Makes me wish there would be an episode about Lenin. Real equality! The Expression of Individuality is the basis for social progress!

  5. Every morning is a gift.

  6. With the snow outside

  7. It was good as good goes.

  8. Many places I have been Many sorrows I have seen But I don't regret Nor will I forget All who took that road with me

  9. A late Merry Christmas to you all! Been so busy.

  10. I hate when my wrists hurt. Makes me think I getting carpal tunnel.....

  11. I just died in your arms tonight...

  12. I need to make more friends so we can have an 80s party.

  13. I don't want to live without your love.

  14. Whenever we get bored, we just dance to some 80s music. "Nothing's gonna stop us! Nothing's gonna stop us now!"