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  1. Happy birthday Skwizy!

  2. "Retching mongrels get the leash."

  3. when i stay up late at night i usually make my self a bacon and ham sandwich then after that i look for some boring commentary on youtube
  4. okay now i can finally mark november 10 the premiere of season 3 of my little pony friendship is magic i can't freakin wait....i think im gonna explode
  5. i'm not sure the exact date of the official release of season 3,but in my opinion i think they would season 3 in between december and january
  6. uhhhh..its cute,awesome,well drawn and romantic keep up the good work i'll try to check out your deviant art and your other work
  7. i gotta say my favorite youtuber is chestersee cause hes an awesome voice and he inspired me that life is still worth living for
  8. less beacon D: oh no...the mayans are right the end is near this is bad this is bad now i have to eat something else besides beacon
  9. 1.Sum 41(Told by a friend) 2.Breaking Benjamin(Told by my brother 3.Mettalica(Found in my father's old CDs) 4.Linkin Park(Also found in my father's CDs) 5.Aerosmith(Told by my brother)
  10. the first time i started using the internet was .....uhmmm....i think 3 years after i was born.not lie true story i was just smashing my hands at the keyboard cause my mother was using the internet while holding me in her arms
  11. im go to that convention meet you guys there
  12. if i were immortal,i would turn myself into a cyborg and be king of own kingdom and defend earth from an evil invasion of aliens,that would be so awesome
  13. i think the craziest thing that i ever done is that i shouted "my little pony" at my school when the principal was giving the announcement
  14. Skwizy