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  1. Luuuuuuna!


    Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your stay here!
  2. Luuuuuuna!

    My First time EVER drawing a pony (fluttershy)

    Woah, those are awesome!
  3. Luuuuuuna!

    Official MLP Forums Skype Group

    Not sure if you people just skipped over me or something or if you gave up on the skype group, but I still haven't been added
  4. Luuuuuuna!


    Anything sharp, especially needles, that I am not holding. Also, this doesn't classify as a phobia, but I am constantly scared that everyone I know is trying to kill me, generally by poisoning my food or drinks. Fortunately, I can ignore it, at least most of the time.
  5. Luuuuuuna!

    Fluttershy having a cookie

    Aww... Judging by her face, that must be one damned good cookie.
  6. Luuuuuuna!

    Chat is open

    Well, it's certainly not letting me get on. [#CSTART-0] There was an error connecting with the chat room. Please notify an administrator. Oh well. I lied, it works now,
  7. Luuuuuuna!

    Im new

    Welcome, to all of you! :3 Have fun here!
  8. Luuuuuuna!

    Luna's Assorted Art Thread

    Yeah, the more artistic brush stroke style is what I was going for on the first one, but I don't think I made it look as good as I wanted it to. I'll probably add the red eyes to the second one as well, maybe add a little bit of shading on both. And the second one has been updated :3
  9. Luuuuuuna!

    Luna's Assorted Art Thread

    Suppose I should make a thread for my stuff that I've done. Start it off with these; two versions of the same drawing, done in different programs with different methods: 1) Done in SAI in a few hours; It looks alright, I guess.. I was trying not to be so picky that I'd never finish it (as has happened before). I honestly don't like it. 2) Did this later the same day in GIMP. I like the style a lot better, and personally, I think it looks much nicer. (Sorry, it's big.) (EDIT: Added some shading and added the eyes to this one; looks nicer now :3) So, my question for you guys is, which do you like better, and why? Any criticism/comments/ideas/suggestions are welcome and encouraged. (Seriously, I could use some ideas for using SAI a bit better...) EDIT: Updated #2! Other drawings are on here: Feel free to leave comments here or on there for any piece on there, and for the love of Luna, please give me suggestions for doing this better! More drawings/stuff will likely be added later
  10. Luuuuuuna!

    Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

  11. Luuuuuuna!

    Mega Thread What Element of Harmony Are You?

    I can't honestly see any of them being me more than another.. the only one I can be sure I wouldn't be would be loyalty, mostly due to trust issues/paranoia.
  12. Luuuuuuna!

    Will Discord ever rise again?

    They wouldn't. There'd be no reason to; it'd only just end up being boring and seem repetitive.
  13. Luuuuuuna!

    Craft I made a custom Derpy Doll

    Not bad. Did you try sanding it to get it to be a little bit smoother and get rid of the bumps? It seems like that might've helped a bit
  14. Luuuuuuna!

    Duplicate everything!

    I don't see how that's related.
  15. Luuuuuuna!

    Were you a hater/Anti-Brony?

    Nope. Just started wondering one day what all the pony memes were that I had seen popping up, so I decided to check it out. Didn't really have a chance to hate it :3