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  1. Time for some unpopular opinions. You can't call yourself a gamer if all you play is minecraft and Call of duty. I like ponies a ton more than the fandom. I am a bit of an anti-brony. I don't like TV. I hate little kids and babies. I don't believe being gay is right.(but I do support gay marriage, I think you have the right to marry/love whoever you want) No hat plz
  2. To me the most important things in life that I probably couldn't live without are. 1) Friends: I love all my friends and would to virtually anything for any of them. 2) Family: I may not enjoy their company to much, but they can bo alright most of the time. 3) Nature: Honestly, the green stuff that grows outside is one of the only reasons I leave the house for no reason anymore.
  3. I noticed it right away, but as most of the others said I don't mind it unless they start using it for everything. CG and 2D animation do not usually blend wel. And for me the timber wolfs stuck out enough for me to notice it in an instant. But all and all, I don't care very much.
  4. It seems you have a good feel for drawing them, just work at it more until it becomes something you can draw with ease. They look good to me.
  5. SirPoniesAlot

    Gaming Underrated Video Games

    SplatterHouse (The 2010 one, I know you said classics but I just had to. ) Getting a lot of hate from reviewers (for stupid reasons) and very little adverising. It was delayed 3 times, the third time it was scraped and redone (Which I am glad they did) and the game had a unique look of its own. Good controls, a simple story and looked nice and dark (not brightness wise). Had an amazing soundtrack if you are into metalcore, deathcore, and heavy metal. It was a great game, not the best, but definatly a ton better than most reviews made it out to be. The game also has the 3 original games a
  6. Well, there is no real way to say if art is good. That is up to the artist and viewers to decide. The only way to decide if it is good or bad is if you art trying to keep a certain look with it. I have seen some pretty surealistic pony art and I thought it looked great. Wacky proprtioins and what not. I think your pics look nice. They definetally look good for a first time.
  7. I personally would love to see more backstory for the mane 6. I would be happy with any character really. But I would like to see more of Cheerilee.
  8. Ashamed? No. Ambaressed, it can be at times. For the most part I could care less what people think. It's not like I am doing anything wrong. Weird? Yes, but wrong? No.
  9. Starting a Tumblr of my OC and a Background Charecter and then drawing them almost all the time. It consumes a ton of my time. At least they look adorable.
  10. I am slowly swaying to the "I don't want to call myself a Brony" side of the fandom, but it is those few brony friends that are like me (Those who just treat the show like anything else they like. Like it's just another cool thing) that keep me from swaying out. I agree that bronies do a lot of stupid crap. And I hate when they use an over generalization to discribe us or try to make themself look good. To me a brony is what it is defined as "A fan of My Little Pony" not some person that lives by some damn code of honor. Brony is and always will be just another name.
  11. I don't hate any episodes, but one episode I did not enjoy very much was the episode with Mare Do Well. It was pretty meh in my opinion.
  12. I run 3 Tumblrs. http://askchowder.tumblr.com/ Background Pony Blog http://asksketches.tumblr.com/ My OC http://thatbrony.tumblr.com/ My Art Blog Share your blogs if you have them. I would love some more pony blogs in my feed. I will probably only follow if it is an art and SFW blog.
  13. Some bronies can be pretty darn annoying, or just irritating in some cases, but for the most part I just ignore or stay away from those bronies. My brony friends are softcore or just fans for the most part. I treat this show like I do anything else I like, just another cool thing.
  14. This can be good or bad, I mean it's gamestop. All they care about is money. And now that they have finally realized that people pay large amounts of money for old games, this makes me think they will be charging a lot for the "Retro" games. But if they don't over charge for the games then they will have finally made a good move.
  15. I would totally go, I am not really a clubing person, but if it's a brony club it should be pretty interesting. I would totally dance to some pony music. That would be great. And they could have a big bouncer that asks a pony question to allow entrance.
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