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  1. Well, farewell forever MLPforums, I haven't had much fun here in a long time, so I guess I may as well just leave.

    1. Alpharius


      Well okay if you want to

    2. dragon4111


      Hey do I have you skype Fractal?

  2. Alright, sounds good, go ahead and make your introduction post.
  3. Alright, and what are the limits on her strength and flight?
  4. @, Hmm, well what do you exactly mean by comedic character?
  5. Waiting for others mainly, there are a few who haven't posted yet.
  6. I wasn't sure, you can use him for either one you want.
  7. @, @@rolle, @@Pat.Rio.T., @@Literally Snails,@@Derplight Sperkle, @@Drago Ryder, @@Denim&Venom, @@Jellal Fernandes, @@Dapper Charmer, Rp's up everyone, link is here:
  8. (OOC link: ) Three years ago, Tollopolis was a paradise. The recent advent of superheroes had brought crime nearly to zero, and the city became a sprawling metropolis as a result. The economy flourished, and everyone thought things were perfect. However, that was three years ago. Now, Tollopolis is a much different place. The criminals of old were largely replaced with supervillains, criminals with skills and abilities to rival the newly dominant superheroes. While these two groups were duking it out for supremacy in the city, the citizens were becoming more and more terrified of what was going on. This terror was only expanded by the arrival of the Maelstrom. Known only for their calling card, a small painting of a storm at sea, this assassin began to kill anyone someone wanted dead for a substantial fee. No one knew who they were, just that it didn't matter how many guards or how much security there was in a place, they were seemingly able to get through everything, whether it be through a strange energy weapon that seemed to destroy any guards in their path, or just by slipping through a previously unseen vulnerability. The police, in a fit of desperation, reach out to the superhuman community of the city, offering a 2 million dollar reward for anyone with actionable information about the killer, and a 5 million reward on top of that for anyone able to bring them in, dead or alive.
  9. A hero, preferably a straight one rather than an anti-hero
  10. Yeah, that's a little overpowered honestly. If it wasn't EVERYTHING he can perceive I think you would maybe be able to swing it, but that's pretty overpowered. How about this instead: Blood crystallization: Works mainly the same, but while it makes his blood harder to bleed it also makes him more brittle, making strikes against him take more force to do something, but doing lasting damage if they do manage to do damage in that form. Devil's eye: Works on a concept of energy storage. If he can see an attack (eye implies sight after all), he can choose to absorb its energy rather than taking the hit as damage. This energy storage can occur to a certain point, at which time he must release it all somehow or his body will rip itself apart. Yeah, you're in, what do you want to play?
  11. That would probably be a good idea, though if you want to run some of them as antiheroes instead that would be good too.
  12. Well, let's just say that escalated quite quickly. Might have to run some NPC heroes instead of an NPC villain for a while, unless I can figure out how to unite things under a common enemy *schemes*
  13. Yep, says in the OP that villains are allowed. @@Drago Ryder, Can you link him for me? @@rolle, You're going to have to explain how his power works, because I don't understand it very well, but it's kinda ridiculously overpowered if it works how I think it works @@Dapper Charmer, Yeah, this character seems plenty balanced. @@Derplight Sperkle, Yeah, good to see you joining up again. Also, having at least one hero in the group is nice! @@MarionEtte136, Yep, this character looks pretty good, though the Umbra stuff looks a bit dicey depending on how it works. It'll be interesting to see a villain act as a hero at first, though we don''t have nearly enough heroes yet