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  1. hi300

    Movies/TV Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog

    This show is one of the only musicals that I like, the other one being My Little Pony. Dayum, is it good! Cheers to my uncle for introducing it to me!
  2. I know little German, little Japanese, some Spanish, extremely little French, little-to-none Hebrew...uh.... that's about it. ._. Of course, I know English.
  3. hi300

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Im onleh 13, and I cahn craws mah eyez!
  4. hi300

    Music Best Video Game Soundtracks

    nice choice. that is my favorite in KH2 too! Too bad I sold the game.... I'm sad.... But... I'm also angry at myself! What should I be feeling? Wait, I have a solution to this catastrophe! TO GAMESTOP!!!!
  5. hi300

    Music Best Video Game Soundtracks

    You have never heard of rock until you heard of these specimens. The best band ever is by far Crush 40. Half American, Half Japanese, and all awesome!
  6. My favorite band is Crush 40. Never heard of them? play a modern sonic the hedgehog game. You'll most likely hear them. here are some samples: and one of their latest:
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  8. hi300

    Dear Princess Celestia

    Dear Princess Celestia, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVRD3zkDB20&noredirect=1 Your future murderer, Your unfaithful bitcstudent, John madden son of a fuc hi300.
  9. hi300

    word game

    cycle. See what I did there?
  10. hi300

    Three letter word game.

    Poo. Pie. Yen. lol. too. you. edd. bee. mom. dad. bro. sis. die. gut. tug. she. he's. I have more.
  11. hi300

    Rate The User's Weirdness Above You

    I don't know you/10
  12. hi300

    Story Game

    but den dey all died 4 no resun.
  13. Known for, "known for being a total boss and because Luna is best pony"