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  1. Bucky McGillyCuddy

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    Four-hundred and Thirty Thousand Fifty Eight
  2. Bucky McGillyCuddy

    When the show ends?

    Wouldn't surprise me if the fandom keeps on ticking strongly. The amount of content the fans produce alone would keep things afloat. Like others have mentioned a reboot would take it's place in the years to come. I bet the G1 fans were wondering what life would be like after their series of MLP finished only to probably still be watching the new series 20+ years later. The show only leaves your heart when you let it.
  3. I don't know how long it's been since i've seen anything relating to My Little Pony, more than a year maybe, but i just finished watching the movie and oh boy, was it pretty great. The animation was very impressive and additional effects not normally seen in TV show like the soft shadows made everything look so much better. Probably my most favorite aspect was the new character designs where the face would curve around the eyes, so damn nice. Emily Blunt as Commander Tempest was great, her voice was as sharp and harsh as it needed to be for Tempest to be as good as she was. Tempest's song was also maybe my favorite though they were all good. Probably the most sobering feeling from watching this movie was that man, I missed being on MLPForums.
  4. Bucky McGillyCuddy

    General How much money have you saved up?

    I'm 24 and I've saved up a little over Fifty Thousand AUD which i'm pretty proud of. Will be putting it all towards a deposit on a house pretty soon though, then i'll have to start again.
  5. Bucky McGillyCuddy

    Good OC design

    A unique mane and tail design are probably one of the defining factors. There isn't really anything else that the pony's have that is different from each other apart from eye's and cutie mark. Comes down to how much life you can draw them with as well but that's less to do with design and more so with drawing talent.
  6. Bucky McGillyCuddy

    S05:E03 - Castle Sweet Castle

    Not going to live-stream this one tonight. Not much data left and I think i'm going to save it for this mornings episode of Fate/Stay Night.
  7. Bucky McGillyCuddy

    How fast do you eat?

    A little something like this.
  8. Bucky McGillyCuddy

    S05:E01+02 - The Cutie Map

    Haven't had this feeling in so long! SO damn excited to be live-streaming MLP again. Hmm, they weren't really the world building episode's we are used to getting at the start of a season, could really just pass these off as regular episodes. Still a lot of fun though.
  9. Bucky McGillyCuddy

    The Countdown is Real

    Switching my forum activity from hiatus mode to ponylicious tonight.
  10. Bucky McGillyCuddy

    Mega Thread MLP FiM Season 5 Preview Info (Spoilers)

    Man, the voice of the guy commentating the character trailers is way too creepy haha.
  11. Bucky McGillyCuddy

    Visual Art The dynamics of cel shading

    Are you doing actual 3D work you want to get a cell shaded look on instead of soft realistic soft shadows or are you doing 2D drawing that you want to simulate the cel shading effect? It's a little hard to help without an example but I wont press you for one. No one will crucify you for not being able to draw physically accurate shadows. I always say subtlety is important with lighting unless you need the shadows to really give a scene a particular effect. Reference is key and practice practice practice.
  12. Bucky McGillyCuddy

    Feature Length MLP Movie Announced For 2017!

    I mean, the guy who wrote Ice Age 3 is writing for the MLP movie so I'm already a little worried. As for the thought of it being CGI, it's not that 2D to 3D CGI conversion is horrible because it's not, it's just hardly done right. 2Snacks is probably the leading example in the Brony kingdom that it can be done well. Even though I think the lighting is still pretty bad. 2017 certainly is a long wait for the release. I believe How To Train Your Dragon 2 by Dreamworks Animation took approximately 5 years of production before release which is a pretty typical production time for such a big movie. Whereas it's known that MLP is cheaply animated on an outdated version of Adobe Flash (not that there is anything wrong with that), so MLP taking 3 years seems a little strange. The only reason I can think of it is that they want to time it's release for a specific part in the TV series. Which would likely be the climax, because you can bet it's going to be an emotional mess for all of us. Still just speculating of course. Kinda makes me sad though...
  13. Bucky McGillyCuddy

    Gaming Done with console gaming, possibly forever.

    If you can honestly say that none of those three consoles have anything to offer you or that you like about them, you're the problem, not them.
  14. Bucky McGillyCuddy

    Why is Coco Pommel so popular?

    In the MLP fandom there's this thing called the Law of Background Equality. Where any pony, particularly background ponies, can be the best pony. I'm sure Coco Pommel would outrank more than half of the Mane 6 in a poll.
  15. Bucky McGillyCuddy

    Movies/TV Has anyone seen Gotham yet?

    I love the Chris Nolan Dark Knight Trillogy, not this cash-grab. I'm a little irrational and I know it's probably not as bad as I think but I really do hate this.