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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. OK well I'm working on a rp that my newest oc I'm working on falls in love with his old school crush again who happens to be cheerilee. What I can say is that he's the lead singer and a guitarist in his band that got started and he lives a double life. This was going to be a story but I felt like it would work better and be a rp. This will involve multiple characters one or two villains for this I'll have more info when I'm not mobile and able to get to my PC. Any suggestions or ideas would be great.
  3. Happy birthday! c:

  4. happy birthday =)=)=)

  5. Happy birthday! =3 Hope you have a lovely time~ ^^ https://derpicdn.net/img/2013/4/19/302040/medium.jpeg

  6. @ I need you to contact me and Midnight so that we can get this past stuff settled out and everyone can play again. I was informed that the ambassador is going to die so it shouldn't be much of a hassle. Please get a hold of me ASAP.
  7. We did and now we got stuck so we need to get the past stuff done so everyone can play again.
  8. @, @@Midnight_Aurora We need to sit down and discuss what's going on in the battle sequence and what we're going to be doing here so that we can keep this rp going. We've dead stopped at a giant brick wall, and I feel that if we talk it out we can get this wall knocked down. Either we need to discuss it here or in a PM so someone needs to contact me ASAP with all three of us tagged or something. DM out for the night!
  9. @ Faust looked on and knew that she couldn't block both of the attacks. Instead she moved her body just right so that the daggers would graze her sides. The daggers cut through the lighter mail of her armor easily causing Faust to wince in pain, while the crystal made its way to her. Once they were close enough she jammed her sword into the black crystals, they cleared and shone brightly having been purified. But then phase two happened, her horn lit up and she poured her magic into her sword and the magic was shot out in multiple beams towards the two intruders. Lavender: Lavender was unsure of what to make of the panicked sight before her as the Diamond Dog yelled at her to look behind her. Lavender turned, keeping her head lowered to conceal her glowing horn. She was ready for an attack from either side, she had vines hidden under the stone floor ready to strike in defense.
  10. Flareon

    Razor Wind

    Razor Wind
  11. Oh yeah sorry I didn't know what you meant right away I've been kinda out of it. Yeah go right ahead.
  12. Sorry guys been really busy lately with work and was out on vacation. Don't worry though I'll post a new reply tomorrow morning promise on my honor as a brony.
  13. @, Faust deflected the magic blast with her blades, returning fire to the other dark magic wielder. Faust then raised her wings before taking off in a flash towards Nightmare Moon. Her swords swung to the ready, her speed was unseen before, landing in front of Nightmare and swung her swords. @, @@Yoshikupo Lavender could hear the yelling and panic outside from somepony, but it was a voice she didn't recognize. "It'll be just fine dears you two just stay in hear and don't open the door for anypony but me or your mother. I've taught you a little magic Tia and you also have my flowers, use them only as a last resort ok." Lavender levitated the two fillies and gave them a kiss on the forehead. "If I don't come back in 5 minutes then hide in here ok." Lavender used her magic and cast a illusion spell and cautiously moved out of the door. Lavender walked out and shut the door behind her making sure her earth magic blocked the door, thin vines covered the door. She stood in front of the door looking at the diamond dog down the hall. "Who are you? I know everypony here and I know that there have never been any diamond dogs in the castle. They have stolen before and we don't let them in." Lavender was ready to die protecting these special fillies if she had too.
  14. @ Don't worry I'll let you take care of Lavender and take her out of the picture.........permanently.
  15. @, @@Yoshikupo Lavender looked to Luna and gave her a gentle smile. "Of course Luna, I'm sorry we had to do it so early but you mother will be busy most of the day. As for her issues, it's just simple negotiations." Lavender using her magic, levitated some crystal lily flowers to the fillies. "You remember these right? My illusion flowers will help you hide better from somepony that might want to hurt you." Lavender shut the door and locked it tight. "No matter what, we can't go out until your mother comes for us ok." Just as Lavender said that, the sound of a blast of magic erupted in the halls causing Lavenders eyes to dilate and her heart started to race.