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  1. Happy birthday, you're the special pone today!

  2. I quite like him; he's entertaining, and he's a pretty cool guy!
  3. Not a clue; it was a forum for a now defunct popular Minecraft server I used to help run. I left due to clashing personalities between myself and the other administrators.
  4. Probably not, because when I'm bored and feel frustrated; listening to something brutal like death metal makes me feel good!
  5. Dat avatar! Deadman Wonderland <3

    1. Wicked Funky

      Wicked Funky

      One of my favorites ;) Sure Senji is awsome but, Shiro... Just Shiro :)

    2. Vinyl Scratch (Filly)™

      Vinyl Scratch (Filly)™

      Shiro is definitely awesome :D

  6. It is weird. I'm not one to judge, but it's a bit strange. Why not just have them on a shelf or something?
  7. >3> Base jumping... I'm too scared to about the prospect of getting arrested though... not about the danger.
  8. I wouldn't have a final meal! We aren't in the medieval times in the UK.
  9. I love cruel jokes! By that I mean ones like, for example; someone took the white bit out of a whole pack of Oreos and put the biscuits back together.
  10. Parents went out shopping, brought me back an MLP easter egg and Bloodborne... successful day apparently!

  11. Heh... getting me in the mood for Christmas before it's even summer. You cheeky devil-you! Good song!
  12. No one because that would be immature... baaah, I'm kidding. Honestly I dunno anymore, not as active as I once was.