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  1. Happy birthday, you're the special pone today!

  2. Vinyl Scratch (Filly)™

    Web Thoughts on Jacksepticeye?

    I quite like him; he's entertaining, and he's a pretty cool guy!
  3. Vinyl Scratch (Filly)™

    What was the name of first forum you ever joined?

    Not a clue; it was a forum for a now defunct popular Minecraft server I used to help run. I left due to clashing personalities between myself and the other administrators.
  4. Vinyl Scratch (Filly)™

    Music Can you live without music?

    Probably not, because when I'm bored and feel frustrated; listening to something brutal like death metal makes me feel good!
  5. Vinyl Scratch (Filly)™

    Should i start a shrine?

    It is weird. I'm not one to judge, but it's a bit strange. Why not just have them on a shelf or something?
  6. Vinyl Scratch (Filly)™

    Always had a hobby you wanted to try but couldn't?

    >3> Base jumping... I'm too scared to about the prospect of getting arrested though... not about the danger.
  7. Vinyl Scratch (Filly)™

    Choose your last meal

    I wouldn't have a final meal! We aren't in the medieval times in the UK.
  8. Vinyl Scratch (Filly)™

    What is your opinion of April Fool's Jokes?

    I love cruel jokes! By that I mean ones like, for example; someone took the white bit out of a whole pack of Oreos and put the biscuits back together.
  9. Vinyl Scratch (Filly)™


    Straight from the d4nk meme archives
  10. Vinyl Scratch (Filly)™


    Heh... getting me in the mood for Christmas before it's even summer. You cheeky devil-you! Good song!
  11. Vinyl Scratch (Filly)™

    Nicest people on the forums?

    No one because that would be immature... baaah, I'm kidding. Honestly I dunno anymore, not as active as I once was.
  12. Vinyl Scratch (Filly)™

    How big is the Equestrian Universe?

    Hmm... good question, I'd say about:
  13. Vinyl Scratch (Filly)™

    Weed Fan Club - MLG ONLY!

    tfw my motto was removed by mod because of it being something like this thread. "Promoting drugs" or something like that. I'm surprised this thread has been up for as long as it has been. Edit: My motto was something like "sm0k3 d4nk ku$h 3rry d4y" Can't remember.
  14. Vinyl Scratch (Filly)™

    What do you do when you're sick?

    I do what I do everyday. Browse the internet as bored as ever, except for the fact I feel crappy.
  15. Vinyl Scratch (Filly)™

    What's your fry

    Dayum... read this and thought it was gonna be about fry ups! Not fries as in chips. I mean fry ups are the best, heck you can even have fries/chips with them!! Look at this sexy beast, it's the Ulster Fry On topic though, I prefer straight cut fries/chips.