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  1. This sounds awesome! I'd like to join with http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/sun-sparkle-r3607 Sun Sparkle!
  2. Oooh! I wanna be Mori! See I can be so like him! *silence*
  3. Yesss! I want to see the different kingdoms, like Saddle Arabia! They should have like a Equestrian World Tour or something.
  4. Hmmm So let's see, Rarity would wear a victorian hat. Rainbow would wear a captain's airline hat or a beanie. AJ would of course wear her usual hat. Pinkie would wear a mad hatter-esque hat. (Top hat with a bunch of stuff sticking out of it) Fluttershy would wear either a cloche And Twi-twi would wear a beret.
  5. Odd comparison, but I would have to say Rarity because she is an adult and gets too dramatic about the smallest misfortunes. DW is a child and although she can be annoying as hell, she has rights to that because she's like 8 years old.
  6. I would be sad if I was in his shoes--err hooves, but I wouldn't call it a tear jerker. I would call it a revenge moment and go beat Pinkie Pie up. :3 Just kidding, but yeah I don't think it counts as a tear jerker. But I guess if you cried then it is considers one in your eyes.
  7. Pfft. I would take the money any day. Do you know what I could do and get with 10, 000 dollars? What the frick frack could I get with a pony. A pony who isn't even in the desirable form by the way. First of all, a blue real life pony with wings a horn and a mane of stars would probably give me a heart attack. Money would not give me a heart attack.
  8. Yeah I doubt they'd remove AJ. She isn't that big of a background character now. Plus the Apple family plays too big of a role in the town for AJ to be replaced. And if they tried a 'she left to live in another town' that would conflict with the episode where RD's sonic rainboom showed her the way home and she got her cutie mark.
  9. *crawls out from the depths of the creepy deep* I suggest Unaccompanied Minors!
  10. After weeks of glaring at Season 4 with great distaste I finally manage to crack a smile for this episode. And it's crazy because Pinkie is my least favorite character. (Actually more than least favorite because I really really dislike her). But this is the episode that gave me back my MLP Joy feelings, that I had been slowly losing touch with since the beginning of this season. I absolutey loved every bit of it, and I started shipping Cheese Sandwich and Pinkie Pie immediately. My mom even said that the two of them should get married and I shed a tear, cause 'Ohmygawd mom your first
  11. I'm nominating Unaccompagnied Minors
  12. I shall suggest Unaccompanied Minors!
  13. DarligPegasi

    Clop survey

    Yup, yup and no. I've clopped before and many times before and after that, but I don't really consider myself a clopper. It's like looking at video hanky panky, that doesn't make me a professional hanky panky soldier. ^^
  14. I got Twi-Twi, yay I'm an alicorn princess WHOOHOO!
  15. @@BalanceBrony, Weill Rainbow Falls made it seem like Spitfite was a horrible person (pony) who only used people for their strengths. I mean in all the other episodes where she had lines and there was insight to her personality, she was kind of proud but not a horrible shallow person. (pony). That's just my opinion though. ^^
  16. Ehh, I just saw Snowflake (I refused to call him Bulk Biceps D:) as a sort of little kid, that Fluttershy was tolerating. I still ship the heck out of Flutters and Big Mackie.
  17. Oh my gosh so true! Her personality was so unlike her! I agree with Jack Spades, the changelings must have taken her.
  18. Yeah I agree that the season is pretty lame at the moment. The majority of the episodes have been a huge let down and totally predictable. I mean in my opinion, if I can predict the plot, then its' a sucky episode. And so far, there have been a lot of sucky episodes. In my opinion that is. ^^
  19. Wow that was...Sad. That's all I really have to say. xD Anyway, an equines hoof isn't flat, there's a bit of a groove in there, so a cartoon pony scooping up water isn't far off. ^^
  20. Well on Tumblr I've seen multiple post about people hating bronies because they're pedophiles (which we totally aren't!) and because when you search any MLP related things, sexual and inappropriate things pop up even if you're on safe search. Also there was something about people hating bronies because some brony (or multiple) justified rape. (I have yet to figure out what exactly they were talking about).
  21. And I will request Unaccompanied Minors once more. Maybe it'll win this time around. :3
  22. I voted for Unaccompanied Minors and Shaun of the Dead. Heheheh Haven't seen unaccompanied minors in like forever, and I can't find it in stores. *gross sobbing* Never saw Shaun of the Dead though. I would have voted for Despicable Me, except I just saw Despicable Me 2, yesterday! xD
  23. Unaccompanied Minors! Edit: That was my suggestion by the way, not just random screaming. :3
  24. It's on Dailymotion but the quality is low and Pinkie Pie looks watered down.
  25. Another disappointment. The episode was too quick in my opinion and both 'plots' didn't mesh together very well. We had the 'Is Pinkie related to us' plot which was introduced first and should have been the most prominent, but then it was squashed by the 'Don't let Pinkie know that we aren't a perfect family!' plot. The song was awesome though. But I'm tired of the writers teasing us with Big Mac's speaking.
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